Is it reasonable to hold celebrities liable for endorsing false advertisements?

Is it reasonable to hold celebrities liable for endorsing false advertisements?

We see a lot of celebrities advertising for various products. While in that process they claim about the authenticity and effectiveness of that product with great confidence.

But many a times, customers who buy the products because of their favorite celebrity endorsing it; are disappointed with the reality of it. The million dollar question over here is, Should celebrities be held responsible for false ad or no? Let’s find out:-

Yes, they should be

1. A lot of customers buy the products because their favorite celebrities endorse for it and declare its effectiveness. If the product is not what it promises to be, the celebrities must be made liable for making false promises.

2. Celebrities endorse for various products in lieu of heavy money. So, they automatically become a part of the product marketing and sales. Thus, they must be held responsible if customers are cheated and they must pay fine out of the money they earned.

3. Now-a-days endorsement has become very competitive among celebrities and to remain ahead of others, celebrities endorse for products without checking its quality.

4. False advertisements by celebrities in nothing but exploitation of their fan following and their popularity. They must be held answerable for this.

5. Ads leave a strong impact on the society and celebrities become a part of customer preferences. There must be some regulation and monitoring in the process.

6. If a doctor can be sued for improper surgery, why a celebrity can’t be charged for false endorsement?

No they should not be

1. Celebrities endorse a product as a part of their professional obligation, there is no personal liability for the quality of products.

2. Even customers now-a-days are aware that celebrity advertising is only to catch eyeballs and has nothing to do with quality authentication of the product.

3. In such advertisement, there is no direct contact between the ultimate customer and the celebrity endorsing for it. So, the celebrity can’t be held liable as he doesn’t force any personal insistence to buy the product.

4. The celebrities have nothing to do with the way a product is made or manufactured. They only endorse the product with terms and conditions applied. Only manufacturers and company of the product can be held liable and not the celebrities.

Celebrities endorse for the products as their profession and holding them liable for every false advertisement will be way too much. But there must be some monitoring and legal regulation on the part of celebrities before signing any advertising contract.
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  • RE: Is it reasonable to hold celebrities liable for endorsing false advertisements? -Rishika Jalan (04/27/14)
  • I don’t agree with the fact that celebrities should be held responsible for endorsing false advertisements. At the end of the day it is the company manufacturing the product which is entitled for it. Any complain or fault in the product is supposed to be directed to the company and not the celebrities. Actors are just acting for the advertisements. As a profession they endorse the products for which they are signed. They don’t force anyone to purchase it or to use it. Thus, they should not be held responsible for any faulty products. Though, celebrities should behave in a more responsible way for public benefits. The public treats them as role models and make their purchase decisions based on their favorite actor’s endorsements. So when the common crowd is so much influenced by the actors, they should also make sure that they endorse only those products which they themselves would use. They should find out everything about the product before endorsing for it to save people from being misled.