Is just being good at something enough?

Is just being good at something enough?

Is just being good at something enough?

We all are blessed with some natural talents. Those who use them efficiently see a bright future ahead but there are many who can’t connect with their instinct and choose a career that’s in demand. They just sail with the wave. Pursuing a career that actively goes against your natural tendencies is a giant fail waiting to happen. A career should genuinely interest you at the gut level; you should choose what you're good at and love to pursue.

If you wish to make a fortune with you natural capabilities, you really need to polish them up till they start scintillating like stars in the sky. Here are some keys:

Hard work

Recognizing and realizing your talent is the stepping stone to success but building those talents into skills and abilities takes intent and hard work. It requires heart and soul to manifest your dream into reality.

Once you have found your talent, think of it like a seed that you're planting. You're off to a good start, but you've still got to water it and weed around the edges to make sure your seed grows into a big plant. It takes work.


Talent alone can't guarantee success unless backed by strong action and regularity. People deny exhibiting their talent at the highest level owning to lack of motivation and interest.


Being good at something isn’t enough. You also have to love it; it has to be something that resonates with you. People can have abundant talent at something but it doesn't help when there is no love to marry it.

You shouldn't get bored of practicing the same thing repeatedly to sharpen skills. Boredom is the root of all evil. Despite being brilliant, it dissipates your chances to showcase your talent, leaving you shattered and you might relinquish the path midway. He who loves his endeavor can overcome rough patches with ease.


Success is achieved when our talent and passion align; together they create a great recipe. There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory. Inconsistency in practice is a career wreck that leaves you feel soul-crushing. Only when you are passionate of something you can be consistent.

Skills are required regardless of talent. It does not matter how talented you are, there are no shortcuts. You are required to invest time to earn the skills. Your passion only can keep you on course for extended time.

Explore different areas until you find something that you have both the passion and talent for. Work hard to widen skills. It is when talent, hard work, consistency and passion come together, the success shows up!

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Is just being good at something enough? -Group Discussion (07/04/18)
  • Talent is a raw material, it has to toil in difficult conditions to turn into finished goods. Raw materials are easily available at the cheaper rates. Finished goods are weighed high owning to their great demand. Transforming talents into skills require great deal of patience, perseverance, discipline, passion, love etc. Behind any successful person, there is always heartfelt story of his hardships and adversities. Between a point of start to success rope, there exist a gulf. Those who can bear the brunt of horny path, will able to taste the glory.
  • RE: Is just being good at something enough? -Is just being good at something enough (06/14/18)
  • Certain qualities are inherited but that not enough to earn success, you need to transform them into skills through hardship and consistency. You are in the world of illusion if you think of reaping success without sweating out for long hours. Consistency, discipline, passion, hardship etc. are few traits to be emulated to reach pinnacle of your career. If you are good at something, you are lucky that destiny has given you natural talent. Sharpen it with all your might and create an enviable career for you.
  • RE: Is just being good at something enough? -Is just being good at something enough? (06/01/18)
  • You have super computer but you don't know how to run it successfully, its not gonna help you. Similarly, mere talent won't fetch you glory, you need to learn skills to get maximum benefit of talent. Acquiring skills call for hard work, dedication, consistency, discipline, motivation and passion. When you apply all of them, then talent would give you return else it is of no use. You have a ravishing car but you don't know how to drive it. No one would be proud of you, in fact people will crack joke on you. So, just being good at something is nothing, it's just the first page of the book, you require to sweat out to create the entire chapters and eventually a book.