Is Marriage relevant today?

Is Marriage relevant today? Marriage just for the heck of it is unhealthy. It was once seen as prerequisite of adulthood but in modern society many people find it incredibly out-dated. We might emphatically say "YES", it is still an important institution but there are many people who don't believe in tying knot and shouldering responsibilities.

Concept of marriage is indeed losing its relevance but yet not faded completely. Marriage itself is changing. The reasons for marriage these days are far different to years gone by. invites you to light up the discussion with your views by commenting below.
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  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -sipul (02/08/17)
  • Its a tradition which even today possess a great value in eye of every individual.
    A relationship is never complete without a commitment.
    And marriage give name to the relationship, an existence, an angle to which the members of society look forward.
    If a person loves his/her partner he feels to share entire life with that person and make that person the most important and part of his existing family and through marriage they bind themselves in a knot of love.
  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -Krish (01/03/17)
  • I don't think it is relevant today, If people are feeling lonely they can get partner. They don't need to get married, most of them just doing it for the sake of it. To have a family , kids and sex , marriage is not compulsory.
  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -Rekha.M (01/03/17)
  • marriage is essential because it is the only way to avoid loneliness and it is moral support too
  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -Gaurav Kumar (12/20/16)
  • Marriage is not just a relation but it is an emotional and spiritual union. It is the beginning of family and teaches a lot to lead life with partner as a team. It eliminates loneliness from the life and extends a great life companion. This institution has gained so much importance not because it just lends us a license to stay together, but since it usher a lot to the society. With contentment and cheerfulness, it allows us to become responsible and committed to spouse and children. The umbrella of family offers huge benefits to a child that leads him/her to become a good social citizen.
    Those who prefer to stay single and don’t believe in getting hitched shouldn’t be measured as a lesser social being. It is one’s choice whether to get married or not. Social pressure creates havoc in life at times. When partners don’t get along well, life become hell and such cases are on the rise. The one who has witnessed such cases can vow to stay alone.
  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -Afreen (12/20/16)
  • Marriage is and always has been just in papers. In older times, it was invented to give name to the relationship but due importance was not given to companionship that should always have been the necessity of this relationship. Well, people evolved and realized that both partners are equals and marriage wasn't just a license for men to dominate over women.

    Since marriage is all about companionship and commitment to each other, there is no reason why it should be a mandatory criterion for couples to live together. Half of the marriages either end in divorce or run on the long dictated basis of compromise and adjustment for the sake of family or children.

    As much as our elders would hate to accept this, but marriage are not just becoming irrelevant, they always were irrelevant. It is high time we stop binding our stone age rules on people and let them live.
  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -Julia (12/19/16)
  • Marraige give the relation a name. It is a socially and legally recognised union between the spouses. It establishes obligations between partners which helps to protect rights of all in the family. The institution is widely successful and has been recognised in all religions.

    Barring few who have their own reasons not to embrace wedlock and prefer to stay sans family. Many stay with their partners without being legally tied up.

    It still has relevance and will be touted as super hit formula for peaceful life in future too.
  • RE: Is Marriage relevant today? -Roy (12/19/16)
  • The institution of marriage though sacred in India, is slowly losing its grip when it concerns the young and working-class.
    The youth today are more focused on career-building rather than relationships and marriage.
    In today's age of social-networking and dating sites, the idea of binding oneself to another individual for lifetime is, however fading.

    In my opinion, "career first, marriage later" is the trend in society now.