Is Nathuram's statue an insult to Gandhi?

Is Nathuram's statue an insult to Gandhi?


Nathruram Godse was the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi. He shot Gandhiji three times in the chest during the evening prayer of January 30, 1948 in New Delhi. Godse was sentenced to death in the year 1949.

Today, Godse is in news as the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha decided to built a temple dedicating it to him. A movie named “Desh Bhakt Nathuram Godse” is also making its way to the theaters on January 30, 2015.

Let us take a look at whether it is justified to build a temple and install Godse's statue.

Yes - Assassin of Father of Nation.

1. Assassin of Gandhi – Mahatma Gandhi was the “Father of our nation”. He struggled a lot to gain independence for India from the Britishers. How can we build a temple for the murderer of Gandhiji?

2. Symbol of violence – Godse was involved in conspiring and executing the murder of an old man. He is a symbol of violence for India. Idolizing and worshiping him will encourage violence and immoral deeds among people.

3. Misuse of public funds– Many people are against the concept of using public funds to make a temple in the memory of Godse, a murderer. Instead, the public funds should be used in the interest of the State and its people.

4. Harm unity – Creating a temple in the name of Godse and worshiping his idol would spread a wrong message and create communal disharmony. It would disturb the unity of people in the country.

5. Disgrace to India – Nathuram Godse is a shame to the country. Installing his idol and worshiping him would bring dishonor to our country. We should do something for Gandhiji rather than worshiping a criminal.

No – Everyone has a right to worship.

1. Right to worship– According to the Constitution of India, people have the right to preach any religion and follow or worship any god or human being. So if a community decides to build a temple for Godse and worship him, it is justified.

2. Creation of Pakistan – According to the supporters of Godse, he had a reason to assassinate Gandhi. Jinnah was the mastermind behind the creation of Pakistan. But along with him, Gandhiji also gave his approval to divide the nation and create violence.

3. Courage– Godse was a man of courage. He stood for what he thought was right for him as well as the nation. Even after assassinating Gandhi, he did not try to flee away. He handed himself over to the police.

4. Hindu Rashtra – Gandhiji created a rift between the Hindus and the Muslims and he had great concern for the Muslims. Godse started the newspaper “Hindu Rashtra” to unite the Hindus and to look after their wants. He wrote editorials wherein he wrote about Gandhiji's support for Pakistan.

5. True patriot – Godse is considered a true patriot by many. He had immense love for his motherland. He stood against the violence which was taking place in our country.


Building a temple and installing the idol of Godse is the opinion of a certain group of people. The Hindu Mahasabha is not forcing anyone to be a part of this initiative. But on the other hand, we should not forget that Gandhiji also had a big role in acquiring freedom for India. For some people Gandhi resides on their lips and Godse reside in their hearts.
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  • RE: Is Nathuram's statue an insult to Gandhi? -shyam (01/03/15)
  • many reasons were there indicating ghandhijis dual nature..

    he supported giving land of land of india to pakistan

    he didnt spoke a word for releasing bhagat singh from hang..

    his hand is there for making nehru as pm instead of sardar vallabai patel...

  • RE: Is Nathuram's statue an insult to Gandhi? -Deepa Kaushik (01/03/15)
  • This topic should be considered from different viewpoints. The main reason for the formation of this topic is that many people in our country are unaware of Godse as a patriot. Every one is just aware of the name 'Nathuram Godse' as an assassin of Gandhi and carry a negative image on their mind.

    Godse was against the partition of India to form Pakistan. Many of us today support this notion that Pakistan should not have been divided which has given rise to years of fear and threat along with unending communal riots between Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi did give his affirmation for this partition. Godse had shot Gandhiji to show his reaction against his decision which has parted India. We can ask ourselves how many of us want to kill the evil minds prevailing today and free ourselves of this offensive environment of fear and threat. We lack courage, but Godse was enough courageous to implement his feelings and emotions to action.

    It is not that Gandhi was wrong. May be that was the demand of the hour and it became a necessity. Also we cannot justify the assassination of Gandhiji by Godse. It is always wrong to kill a life. But both these virtues cannot deny Godse's patriotism. His statue cannot be an insult to anyone incase Godse's life os well explained to the common man.

    But, there definitely lies a clause that the expense for the formation of temple or statue should only be gathered as fund from those who support this process. It would be wrong to use public fund for such a process which is covered by controversies. Any forcible action in this direction would lead to unnecessary agitation and violence across the country. Still, we cannot call Nathuram's statue as an insult to Gandhiji.