Is our graduation syllabus useless?

Is our graduation syllabus useless?

"I was born intelligent, but education ruined me." One can see this quote everywhere nowadays. What is the reason for such a negative attitude towards the education and education system? Education is considered as an important part of human life that helps one to lead a happy and content life. Education helps in growth of an individual. How come education which was considered sacrosanct has come to be such a state? Has our education system, especially graduation syllabus become so useless?

Yes it has become less useful –

1. The syllabus has no relevance to the work we would be doing after graduation.

2. It is not up to industry standards. The modernization that industries have undergone has not reached up to the curriculum.

3. It’s just plain rote learning and spoon feeding. There is no learning involved. E.M. Forster rightly said that "Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon."

4. The curriculum is not focusing on critical thinking and creativity.

5. Education is supposed help in making a living. However, nowadays there is dilution of syllabus and non conformity with industry standards which in no way helps in bettering our chances of earning a livelihood.

6. Syllabus and teaching is not keeping pace with fast changing world.

7. Hardly few things are learnt which are useful in making a living. Even Albert Einstein had said that "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

8. Only marks and scores are important which can be obtained by studying the topics in syllabus only. Extra knowledge or expertise in some field will not help increasing overall grades.

9. There is no variety in syllabus.

10. There are also no options of specializations in curriculum. One cannot choose subjects of one's choice. Some subjects are obsolete yet they are taught.

11. Industry related softwares, techniques, skills, etc. are not taught at all. This shifts entire burden of training on the industry where there is cut throat competition. Had the students been mentally prepared at graduation level, it would be easy to survive in the tough environment of industry.

It has not become less useful –

1. There are many professional courses which help in making a living. However it’s our mindset which does not allow us to go towards those courses. E.g. we always prefer engineering degree instead of the ITI degree even if the ITI degree provides skills to earn a living.

2. Our graduation syllabus concentrates on clearing our basics.

3. Industry standards keep on changing continuously and it is difficult to always dance to their tune.

4. In graduation a middle path is taken where basics and such things are taught which will help one adapt to changes in industry.

5. Graduation syllabus takes care of the theoretical aspects whose application is to be done in the industry.

6. Graduation syllabus is well adjusted so as to include knowledge from variety of fields. This helps to think from many perspectives and facilitates interdisciplinary viewpoints and research opportunities.

7. Some subjects seem obsolete, however they are taught so as to understand the evolution of subjects developed from them. This knowledge of obsolete subjects and evolution helps in basic research which is important for further development in that field.


One can deduce from above that drastic changes are needed in the curriculum to bring it in consonance with the current times. Also, the pattern of study and assessment should be improved. The current curriculum with more focus on practical study can be a first step in direction of improvement. Though graduation syllabus cannot change as swiftly as the industry standards change, it is far from useless. It forms the foundation on which the industry is based. Better application of the knowledge received at the undergraduate and graduate level is what is needed to survive in the industry.
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  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -hema (10/09/15)
  • Today educational system depends on marks to test student knowledge.
    As a student not only enough marks in accademic but also acquire practical knowledge which is used in thier professional life.
  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -Mukesh (10/04/15)
  • Actually graduation syllabus is clearing all basic concepts but with that some practical knowledge is also important to improve skills of students and also students have to do something extra for their career out of the syllabus
  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -neppoliyan (09/26/15)
  • i,m tell its my opnion.i,m studying the gradution only for exm point of views and not regards and not develop my skills.but my working place into various again do not use my educatiopn only used for gate way entering job i,m aggre inthe statement.
  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -karan (09/24/15)
  • I think we can't comment on our graduation syllabus because it is decided by well devloped and well educated they know that which content is requited for entire course....but I must say there is flaw in our syllabus because of our education system because they foccuses on only therotical knowledge not in practical.for instance in u.s.a for student who is master in coding even he has zero therotical knowledge but he has bright this is not possible in first we have to change our system then and then it is possible to change our syllabus and mould it according industrial stnd.which also cause reduce the expenditure spend by industry during our training period o...
  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -Deepa Kaushik (09/23/15)
  • Life is not just black or white. It is always shades of grey. We cannot categorize the graduation syllabus as completely good or bad. Part of it is quite useful, while it requires a few amendments to make it more efficacious. Education is not something which can be fixed with definite principles. The academic field requires updation and changes made from time to time.

    The major drawback in the present graduation syllabus is the lackof practical applications. This drawback is being followed right from the schooling syllabus set up by the educational council. At the end of the day, when we try to evaluate the practical implemenmtation of our learnings in life, it comes to a zero.

    Our schooling and graduation has immense material to teach us the theoretical aspects. Undoubtedly, this theoretical aspect is very much essential and is the basis of the various aspects of implementation of principles in life. But we fail to teach our students the correct way to implement the received knowledge. Many a times students don't understand where they could use the various equations that they have imbibed. They recite everything, still become a loser when they fail to use the knowledge appropriately.

    We should make children aware of the various fields that uses the particular phenomena. It should be left to the students to choose the field of their interest. They should be given the opportunity to reveal their field of interest atleast at the graduation level and the syllabus at the graduation level should be more inclined towards the practical training in their field. Giving it a practical shape is all that is required in the present graduation syllabus, however, the present syllabus should not be discarded altogether.
  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -Pratik (09/21/15)
  • The syllabus has no errant but the way of teaching has many flaws. Practicality while covering syllabus is missing. A graduate need little bit of industrial exposure before taking up any assignment at the workplace, this would be great help to both candidate and employers.
  • RE: Is our graduation syllabus useless? -Reema (09/21/15)
  • Practical, case studies and industrial experiences are very important for students. Our education system is more exam centric that require a sea change. To test theoretical knowledge, exams are important but practical knowledge helps a lot to gain employment and participate effectively in the workplace.