Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness?

Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness?

There is one thing in the system that never changes. And it is the habit of cribbing. People keep on cribbing about the problems that they are facing in the system. But no one wants to take an initiative to start the change. Now at this time when general elections are near, people are busy blaming the political system for all the problems going on in country. Do you also think that our political system is the reason for our backwardness?


• The first problem that the people have witnessed in last few years is the increase in number of scams. Where do these scams come from? Where does all the money? These and other such question have raised a question on the credibility of the system.

• Political system is a group of different parties who should work together to improve the status of the country. But in the present system all the parties are busy in blaming each other.

• The infrastructure of the country is lacking behind and it needs a lot more money to match the standards. But the money of people is spent on massive election campaigning.

• Whenever something wrong happens in the society parties brings the matter to parliament, blame the ruling government and then the matter is closed. Can someone tell where the solution is?

• It is the political system that continuously gives place to the tainted politicians in the system. How can you always appoint such people who in any case are of no good to the local people?

• If some party tries to give place to new generation then the old people of the parties oppose the decision.


• You cannot mix political system and politicians with each other. They are connected with each other but you cannot ignore the good work done by the honest politicians.

• For the benefit of the people, the parties keep on discussing new policies and try everything to make them pass in the parliament.

• People keep on blaming the political system, but actually they are the one who are responsible for all these problems. They refrain themselves from voting and later just keep on complaining about government.

• Lack of education, the attitude towards women and most importantly our social system are the main reasons for backwardness.

• Backwardness is a very relative subject. Our country is a developing country and is doing well on many fronts. So how could you even say that is a backward economy?

• Youth are responsible for the backwardness. No one wants to join politics to develop the country. Everyone wants safe jobs and a happy secured life.

• It is the attitude of the citizens of the country which is to be blamed. If the citizens do not take an initiative and work hard, how can they expect the government to meet all their requirements? A country progresses when its citizens innovate and work hard.


Political system is made by the politicians and is formed by the votes that are casted by local people. All of the elements are responsible for the good as well as bad. Just blaming the political system cannot lead our country to the path of development.
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  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -KONDREDDY Siva Kumar (10/09/19)
  • According to my point of view, our political system is not only reason for our country backwardness, it is the one of the reason among many of the reasons.
    India is a democratic country, and each person has a right to vote for his/her faithful leader to elect them.
    So from this i can say that it is the responsibility of each and every person in our country to elect a faithful, Trusted, Helpful and a great leader that makes to change in the India's democracy
  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -Asha Kanta Sharma (02/18/18)
  • Corruption in the political systems is the main cause which is keep India away from Growth and Prosperity.
  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -Political System or people (09/28/15)
  • We can't pass blame entirely on our political system. We shouldn't forget that we are the largest democratic nation and we have been taking law making decisions democratically. If at all anyone to be blamed, it's all of us.
  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -Pushpendra sahu (09/28/15)
  • I think, we can"t say about political system that the reason of backwardness.
    I think these reason of people of country who are responsble for that which choose any politician who is not educated, and crimiral and also don"t know about the area and politics. He is a bussiness. Just these people are work for himself. It's our responsbility to choose the right person for the welfareness of our country.and doing work for country.
  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -Gopal (09/26/15)
  • In my opinion, blaming completely to either politician or political party or people (us) will not correct...because to develop the nation, all of them must work together, if politician makes a good policy or rule then it is our duty to follow the rules but unfortunately, we don't. We all are running behind money only so that the politician also, because they are also with same mentality as we are.
  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -Sawane Kiran (09/23/15)
  • i dont think so that political system is the reason of our
    backwardness.The reason for our backwardness is only us.We are the educated people of this country couldnt even select the good political party for the future.We alwalys select best among anything except politics.we have considered that our future is depend on the political conditions of our country.This thinking of humanity leads to backwardness.United people can do anything.they can finish the backwardness or can create it by selecting proper leaders.We are the only one who are responsible for our backwardness.

  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -prateek kumar (09/22/15)
  • According to my point of view,political system is not responsible for backwardness of our county because we are the people who select illiterate,criminal and the person who is business man from there profession.soo,It's our responsbility to choose the right person for the welfareness of our country.
  • RE: Is our Political System the reason of our backwardness? -Deepa Kaushik (04/12/14)
  • Though not directly, but yes, political system remains a main cause for our backwardness. Being rich in every resource, we still fail to lead the race with the developed nations.

    The pin point cause for the backwardness being corruption, which operates right from the topmost chamber of the pyramid in the hierarchy scale. Corruption has led us down in every aspect. Every corrupt official has a supporting hand of his senior, which ends with the political support. India still can be called the Golden Bird, but the difference is that the wealth is consolidated at the richer part of the society.

    Rich is becoming richer, making the common man bear the impact. The political uphold in India is a complete ball of false and totally untrustworthy people, bundled up to pull the leg of the own team members, the citizens of our country, which is the main cause of brain drain. Not only the brain drain, every issue in India has a thread running at the back leading to the political system at the root level.

    To get back our self-esteem and show our original talent to the world, we definitely need to change the political system in our country.