Is Satyagraha still a relevant mode of protest?

Is Satyagraha still a relevant mode of protest?


Satyagraha means to “hold onto the truth”. The term was developed and coined by Mahatma Gandhi during the Indian Independence movement. He had used the mode of Satyagraha also during his early struggle in South Africa.

Recently, Rahul Gandhi urged the Youth Congress to launch the Kissan Satyagraha movement. He asked them to sit on dharnas outside the MP's and MLA's residence. It gives them the right to raise the voice against those politicians who do not support the cause of the farmers.

Yes – Satyagraha is a relevant mode of protest even now.

1. Right path – Gandhiji showed us a proper way of expressing our pain and unwillingness towards an issue. Each generation has to develop its own ways to carry it forward in the changing society.

2. Educate – The history textbooks educate the new generations about the concept of Satyagraha. This inspires the youth as it also teaches them how Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela adopted this method.

3. Powerful weapon – Satyagraha is the most powerful mode of protest. For example, the Satyagraha protest which was carried out by Anna Hazare turned out to be highly successful. It demanded the youth to raise their voice against corruption and, thus, the Jan Lokpal Bill was passed.

4. Peaceful method – Most of the industrial organizations and other places of mass employment have adopted the mode of Satyagraha. It is a way of peaceful protest to avoid conflicts.

5. Development – Satyagraha is relevant in places where the goal is to achieve peace and prosperity. Without peace there would not be any development. Thus, Satyagraha still maintains its relevance.

No – Satyagraha is not a relevant mode of protest.

1. Face difficulty – In the 21st century people face difficulties following the Gandhian principles. The philosophy of Gandhi is lost in India.

2. Lack of experience – Most people do not have the courage to take up Satyagraha as they fear the consequences. Hence, they have a lack of experience.

3. Nature of individual – Relevance of Satyagraha wholly depends on the nature of an individual. Most people would not like to leave back the luxury, power and wealth.

4. Common means – Today, Satyagraha has become a common way of protest in the society. People use this method anywhere, anytime without any knowledge. Hence, it has lost its relevance in the society.

Satyagraha can take several forms: civil disobedience, strike, protest march, and fasting. But we should make sure that it does not harm lives. Satyagraha can be a relevant mode of a protest if it is carried out in a proper way and for a right reason.
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  • RE: Is Satyagraha still a relevant mode of protest? -Deepa Kaushik (01/16/15)
  • Truth is eternal and so is the ‘insistence of truth’ or the ‘satyagraha’. Any eternal theory cannot have a slightest doubt regarding its relevance. For the theory of evolution, ‘change is constant’ and ‘truth is eternal’. We cannot alter the truth, and if attempted so, it will not remain the truth afterward.

    ‘Insistence of truth’ can take any form. Gandhiji gave it a non-violent form, but there were other freedom fighters who gave it the form of violence, protest, rallies etc. Though not in a non-violent way, yet they also were the part of the satyagraha.

    Satyagraha would remain the relevant mode of protest for the generations to come. Whenever there come any defamation of the truth, their would erupt the notion of ‘satyagraha’. Not only satyagraha, but any work accomplished would receive its best success provided the same is done with whole-hearted consent and concentration. Any deflection will lead to the loss of the essence of the hardship. This holds true to satygraha as well. Only firm believers in truth and people of strong will-power and self-confidence only could walk on the path of satyagraha.

    Though negativity has hurt the backbone of the country, yet we do have people of strong mind and intellect who could carry on the satyagraha with utmost sincerety and attain success on these lines.