Is Technology Obsession A Disorder?

Is Technology Obsession A Disorder?

From the initiation of the internet technology, to the rise of the Laptops, tablets and Smartphones, people have the world at their fingertips. Lately, however, the use of technology tools is something that disturbs everyone. People can’t seem to keep their faces out of their smartphones and tablets for even a minute or so. Even the same thing applies for PSP games and cable TV. Some call it an addiction whereas some call it an obsession. Here, it is important to understand addiction still results in a pleasurable experience but obsession is related to stress and anxiety. So, Is Technology Obsession A Disorder?


- As per a report published in the journal name as ‘Computers in Human Behavior’, children’s social skills are declining as they spend more time on digital media and have less time for face to face interaction. A disorder results when people fail to find pleasure in other things when it is already present around them.

- In this tech-savvy world where kids are looking at screens more than real people, they are losing their ability to read emotions of other people.

- If people are addicted to something, they strive for the pleasure, however when they are obsessed they strive to reduce the anxiety. It is the same case happening with people in today’s world. In fact technology is adding to their woes.

- Obsession in itself is an anxiety based disorder, and therefore in simple terms technology obsession is disorder.

- People keep on checking their pockets to reassure their phone are safe. They never perform such checks for other important things like wallet and money.

- Technology is for communication but people use it for virtual communication at a time when already their friends are around them.

- The obsession is evident when bedtime nears and people use Smartphones until lights are tuned off. It results in suppression of melatonin resulting in sleeping disorder. Some people even get up in the mid of the night to reply to their whats app and facebook messages.


- Technology is there to gain pleasure and kill time. People are using it for the same purpose. They can be addicted to it but not obsessed.

- Obsession doesn’t allow people to focus on other tasks whereas it is not the same case with technology. It helps people to complete various important tasks. So, if it not an obsession it cannot be a disorder.

- Technology tools like Smartphones are made for communication, and in this busy world it is obvious for people to stick to it for communicating with friends and relatives.

- With help of technology, kids or adults, everyone can answer all questions in no time. They have all the information at their fingertips.

- Obsession never results in good things. It is more of a negative term with major ill effects. It cannot be connected with technology. In absence of obsession, there is no disorder.


Technology brings numerous benefits to world. However, this time it seems people are getting overly excited about the use of technology tools like Smartphones and tablets that they are using it obsessively. If they use it constantly, it is ok, it is addiction. However, if they just keep on checking their Smartphones and start connecting their emotions with virtual world, it is an obsession. There is a small line between addiction and obsession. And, yes technology obsession is clearly an anxiety based disorder.
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  • RE: Is Technology Obsession A Disorder? -Nitin Lohia (02/28/15)
  • Too Much of Technology can be a disorder for any human beings it is not about technology only anything in excess can be bad for our health .

    Technology was created by human being as the human kind is progressing so the world needs to move on and so Technology is like a advancement to human knowledge and they want the human beings to be aware of everything in a seconds time.

    But being addicted to it is bad as if we are hooked to it all the time t can create disturbance in our daily life plus it creates a lot of disorders . As too much of anything is harmful it can cause eye problem , disorder in mental health if not ale to use fatigue etc.

    people should use technology for making their lives simpler but not complicating y being obsessed about it . Addiction can be controlled but not obsession as if he person will not be able to use he will loose calm and composure.

    Technology can be said as a boon to human life as people get to connected to each other in this busy life they get aware what is happening in the world and get the latest updates in fraction of time but it should be limited only when required.

    Technology is good but too much of it can be harmful and can be dangerous and as said too much of anything is bad for health
  • RE: Is Technology Obsession A Disorder? -Deepa Kaushik (02/25/15)
  • Obsession is a disorder. Obsession can be for any thing, it leads to the compulsive behaviour in human beings, which they perform repeatedly without a sensible reason. There is just a minute difference between addiction and obsession. In a simpler term we can say, obsession is more abstract and addiction follows a materialistic aspect. When it comes to the technological gadgets, human beings get addicted to them, and for technology we call them getting obsessed. Term could be any, but it definitely leads to undue stress and anxiety which leads to the disordered state.

    Technology is really very useful. We need to understand the limitations for the use of anything and everything. Too much of anything becomes poisonous. Similar is with technology. Till the time we make use of the technology as per our requirements, it is a boon to the human beings. But, when the same is abused, and people start losing their control on self to get out of these gadgets, then it becomes an obsession.

    Technology obsession also leads to anxiety and stress to the mind which makes the person sick and out of self-control. This obsession for the compulsive repetitive behaviours with the addiction for the gadgets, makes the person feel handicapped without them and its purpose is lost beyond the required limit. Such a disordered state is self-fetched by the human brain which forgets to perform its routine duties and handle responsibilities. It is in our hand to restrict ourselves from getting obsessed to technology and keep ourselves busy with various other tasks which could help us in our healthy routine and lifestyle.