It’s OK, If Obama Rakes up Religious Intolerance in India.

It’s OK, If Obama Rakes up Religious Intolerance in India.

In latest political development, Congress attacked PM Narendra Modi’s philosophy and vision latching on to US President Barack Obama’s statement that instances of religious intolerance in India would have shocked Mahatma Gandhi. The opposition leader said that it is Modi who brought Obama to watch the Republic Day Parade in India. Here, the issue can be divided into three parts, content, context and intent. Let us discuss the topic, It’s OK, If Obama Rakes up Religious Intolerance in India on all the parameters:


1. Each and every person in this world has a right to express his views, and there is nothing wrong if Obama speaks on the religious intolerance status of India.

2. There is crowdsourcing of communalism in India, and there is no denial to it. In such a scenario, everyone will comment on the existing problems of religious intolerance in India.

3. Obama is the first African American President of the US and he himself has faced racial issues in his life time. He can perceive the existing problems in India.

4. It is a very honest approach of Obama who has left a direct message for BJP even after receiving a fanfare welcome from Indian government.

5. Indians or Indian government should not get defensive, instead it’s the time they should become introspective and take affirmative action.

6. The pitiable state of India is visible from the mess that is created from Obama’s statement. Definitely, Gandhiji would have been shocked seeing that still today an outsider can create problems in internal structure of India.


1. Barack Obama is no one to speak on India’s internal matters as the country is capable of handling the matters itself.

2. How can a president speak about religious intolerance of other country when his own country is promoting it at highest levels.

3. No one can forget the dreadful instance that happened in US two months back, when US Police officers shot dead a young black boy carrying a toy gun.

4. Nation’s respect is more important than some political brownie points, and BJP should understand this.

5. A statement of Obama has resulted in political issues in India, and therefore such statements have to be stopped at any cost.


Spoken or unspoken, fact will remain the fact. What Obama said is very much true, however Indians cannot allow anyone to come and speak whatever they want to. The internal problems cannot be showcased on international platform. Whatever Obama said also comes as a warning to PM Narendra Modi who is ignoring the prevailing problems in the nation. Also, he should take into account the fact that his party leaders communicates in a language, which is against his party’s slogan, 'Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas,’
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  • RE: It’s OK, If Obama Rakes up Religious Intolerance in India. -Vivek (02/12/15)
  • As my view every person should right of speak for every matter ,
    mr . Obama did not somethin wrong
  • RE: It’s OK, If Obama Rakes up Religious Intolerance in India. -Deepa Kaushik (02/12/15)
  • Obama is an outsider and he was just an invitee for the Republic Day Parade. It would have been better if the President Obama could have confined his discussions with the related issues especially between India and America.

    The US President should not have discussed the religious controversies when he could not resolve the religionism and racism within his own place. In a country like India where communalism plays up with the peace an integrity of the nation, such a remark could prove to be fatal. Obama being so much aware of the Gandhian philosophies and the religious status and condition of India in terms of a secular state, should have been careful with his usage of terms especially when it comes to poking some fragile issue.

    Though it is not very much acceptable on part of Obama to comment on our religious stature, still we cannot overlook or deny the fact of religious intolerance prevailing in India. We cannot blame Obama alone for the statement he made, as we the Indian citizens have turned out our nation in such a malleable condition paving way for any outsider to throw any such harsh comment on us. We need to seal our loopholes before pin-pointing others for their negative remarks and comments.

    Precisely, It is unacceptable for an outsider to rake up religious intolerance in our country. At the same time, his remark has warned us to rectify our deeds and repair the condition prevailing in our country, so as to make sure of no further negativity being imposed on our outlook.