Job prospects for me in the field of biochemistry

Q4. I have done my graduation and want to the various job prospects for me in the field of biochemistry?

As biochemistry is a interdisciplinary subject, being a graduate in this field you can find a wide range of career opportunities. You can find work in many walks of life industry, hospitals, agriculture, research and educational institutions. Biochemistry finds application in clinical and forensic science laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, agrochemical companies and in food /beverages industries.

You can find jobs in both private and public sector which are offering employment to biochemists. The Department of Agriculture, the National Institutes of Health, and the Environmental Protection Agency are some of the government agencies that employ biochemists. Industries that produce pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, foods, feeds, and consumer products employ biochemists in research as well as in areas outside the lab such as marketing, management, science information, technical writing and editing. Biotechnology companies employ biochemists in quality control, clinical research, manufacturing, and information systems with applications to the environment, energy, human health care, agriculture and animal health.

Majority of the biochemists are employed by colleges and universities as teachers or researchers in schools of arts and sciences, medicine, engineering, pharmacy, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and agriculture. The job prospects for biochemists are huge. You can also work independently as an entrepreneur or as a consultant. Thus, there are variety of career avenues available for an aspirant in biochemistry.
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