Joy of kite flying and life lessons

Joy of kite flying and life lessons

Joy of kite flying life lessons

It's picturesque when kites sizzle in the sky!

Kite flying is like having happiness on a string.

When blue sky soars with miniature and innumerable colorful kites in the sparkling sunlight, it's a true sight to behold, unleashing a special serenity. Such stunning scenic stretch is soothing and chilling for people of all ages. Just look up and see a kite soaring through the air, it puts a smile on your face.

It’s so inexpensive, making it unprecedented outdoor activity with great entertainment for just a meagre pay.

Joy of kite flying life lessonsKite festival or Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14th January every year. It is also a festival of bonding, where people bury their hatchets, envy and resentment, offer sweets and spread joy all around.

Not only is flying a kite a great way to enjoy the outdoors, it offers unusually many life lessons.

Let's light them up:

1. Kites can wear many colors, shapes and sizes but only a properly designed kite goes high in the air. We stitch all minor defects before flying it. To succeed in life, we require similar discipline and dedication to take on weaker areas.

2. A playful kite can be cut and gravitates down but without wasting time we hit back with a new kite. In life, even a stellar reign of success tumbles down, it needs character to replicate your achievement.

3. It can take awfully long to fly it, but once up, it sums up mood of all. Our quest for stardom also takes time and hard work. Massive patience is required to achieve greatness and become cynosure for all eyes.

4. It’s difficult to rise a kite but it falls so easily. It may get struck on trees and poles as we lose focus. It takes sustained focus and alertness to maintain the acquired height in life too.

5. A kite needs favorable wind to go higher. A small tail can maintain the balance of a kite. Life too needs perfect recipe for success, missing out any ingredient can cost heavily.

6. A kite can fly irrespective of its color or type. It’s the skill of the flier that guides it in the air. People are recognized and rewarded for their skills irrespective of color, caste or religions.

Joy of kite flying life lessons7. A successful kite flier is the one who knows when to pull or loosen the string to cut another kite. Such technique has a great relevance in our life too. We should know the art of holding up and letting go things. Life gets messed up when we end up holding at the time of letting go and letting go at the time of holding.

8. Flying a kite is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, one might not realize that it also offers a few health benefits. Gazing sky can help better regulate eye muscles and nerves, which helps alleviate eye fatigue. As we focus on every drift of kite to keep it in air for longer time, it helps improving our alertness.
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  • Cool. I remember those dance moments when last time we had celebrated. Missed me?