Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi - Support or Oppose?

Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose?


Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS officer to be sworn in to one of the highest esteemed positions in the country, an inspiration to millions, finally joins politics just in time for the Delhi legislative assembly elections 2015. There are controversies and there are positive hopes too as Bedi steps ahead with hints that she might be BJP's candidate for Delhi CM. No sooner was it declared that Kiran Bedi shall be joining BJP, the screenshots of her past tweets against NaMo went viral all over the internet. Haters can go on with their accusations but one of the most proficient lady with numerous achievements and credentials to her name is in and that is perhaps giving sleepless nights to Kejriwal and others.

In support of Kiran Bedi in politics:

1. Kiran Bedi has been an ardent supporter of Anna Hazare's anti corruption movement and she broke ties when Kejriwal decided to bring politics into the movement. Both Anna and Bedi have been against the corrupt nature of politics and not the political system entirely. It is her personal decision whether she wants to extend support to Modi or Kejriwal. She was inspired by Modi's leadership qualities and saw in him a hope for a better India. Every Indian should respect her decision to join politics.

2. Kiran Bedi had been a woman of clean motives and honest principles all her life. Her dedication to serve the nation has reflected in her journey till date and hopes are high if she goes on to become the Chief Minister of Delhi. Indian politics indeed is in urgent need of people like Kiran Bedi to bring in reforms and to ensure that law and order of the country is strictly followed.

3. Kiran Bedi has worked with the United Nations in New York as the Police Advisor to the Secretary General, in the Department of Peace Keeping Operations along with representing India in International forums on crime prevention, drug abuse, police and prison reforms and women’s issues. In days to come she can be one of the most efficient leaders to lead India towards development and anti corruption.

4. Indian politics need people with credibility and credentials to be elected to one of the highest positions that decides the way the government will be run in coming years. Kiran Bedi holds a Law, Masters, Doctorate degree. She is also a Nehru Fellow post doctoral. Being a National and an Asian Tennis champion adds to her vulnerability in different areas. She has addressed audiences at the American, British, European, Indian Universities, Corporate and Civil Society groups. She possesses every quality that is needed for good leadership.

5. As a social worker, her contribution towards the society adds to her liberal nature. She had earned the Ramon Magsaysay Award also known as the Asian Nobel Prize and several other national and international honours. She has founded two NGOs, Navjyoti and India Vision Foundation, that have extended support to many deprived children, and adults in the areas of education, vocational skills, environment, counselling, and health care in both urban and rural areas. At present her NGOs are running four Community Colleges, registered with Indira Gandhi National Open University, to provide vocational and soft skills to Indian youth. Bedi is the most eligible candidate for the upcoming CM elections.

6. From being the Most Admired Indian Female Icon to being voted as India's most admired and most trusted woman, Kiran Bedi is certainly a woman of clear conscience and unbeatable spirit of serving the nation. Her efforts with team Anna had been in headlines for long and now is the time when her prowess could bring in the most aspired change in Indian politics - the lokpal bill.

Against Kiran Bedi in politics:

1. As pointed out by the opposition leaders, Kiran Bedi seems to be joining the group of "U turns" as she had openly been criticizing NaMo in the past and had also been against joining politics. Her sudden decision to join BJP is reportedly raising questions not only amongst people but also within the party she has preferred. While there are anticipations that she might be the CM candidate from BJP, the party leaders have been heard saying that she is just a "party worker" extending support to Modi for his inspiring leadership. She denied the rumours saying that BJP has a well organized system and there is absolutely no issues inside.

2. BJP chose Kiran Bedi for a face-off with Kejriwal when they feared losing to the newly empowered AAP that seems to be gathering pace when it comes to earning the faith of Delhiites. Just a day after AAP accused Satish Upadhyay of indulging in corruption, BJP brought in Kiran Bedi - the icon of anti corruption and fearless image. It seems to be a little too late for the party to take shelter within the image of a reputed former cop to earn votes in favour.

3. BJP had become used to entirely flared up rallies with mobs high spirited to hear the good-day-promise-makers talk about good governance and development in days to come. However, the views of their recent rallies in Delhi was nothing of that sort even when Amit Shah and Narendra Modi took charge. They were indeed not used to seeing such a sight and that's when the fear of losing to AAP took over. Bringing in Kiran Bedi is just a move to earn votes and even if she is elected to be the CM of Delhi, there would hardly be a change in the current economic or political system of the country or Delhi to be specific.

4. Kiran Bedi is an influential woman who has to her name achievements, social services, and fearless protests against the wrong doers. By entering politics she is going to be dirtying her hands - politics deprives none of this opportunity says history. A woman of influence and prowess should not get into politics for the mere reason of becoming the vote bank for a party.

5. Shazia Ilmi and Jaya Prada who also joined hands with BJP hail from the political field while Kiran Bedi has been apolitical for long since she joined Hazare's India against corruption movement. Her sudden jump into politics might backfire and her good deeds of years could be put to sacrifice.


Kiran Bedi's decision to join BJP is entirely her personal opinion of what she thinks of the present government regardless of what she thought to them earlier. However, given the credentials that she possesses, it should only be fair if she is chosen to be the CM candidate for the upcoming elections instead of just bring a party worker to earn them votes. India needs her motivations and the spirit of serving the nation, selfless and free of corruption. Delhi can see a better tomorrow at the hands of one of the top notch cop turned leader of the country.
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  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -Deepak (02/09/15)
  • In my opinion ,
    it will be best thinks to choose kiran bedi as a CM in Delhi. and she will operate government smoothly and sincerely . and you all know that she has lot of experience about politics, social work . she really deserved for CM.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -IamJay (02/09/15)
  • Yes. I support Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi. We all know that she is the first lady IPS officer of India. To achieve this kind of post she might have gone through many ups and downs in her life. She is a hardworking lady and is very clear about her goals. If she is elected as the CM of Delhi many issues like poverty, corruptions, rapes etc will be solved. Women are better managers and since she has seen so much of struggling in her life, she is aware of all the consequences. She will be a good and trustworthy leader in future. She is a social worker and have achieved many awards. With a positive approach towards the country she will definitely do work which will be beneficial to individuals and country too.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -vaishali (02/06/15)
  • 1).changing party at crucial time shows disloyalty with team.
    2).leader= who always with his/her member not left the party.
    3).can easily leave this party also when congress or other party will comes in governance.
    4).is there only she wants power.
    5).very difficult to recognise his stability.
    6).very difficult to determine the unity and integrity of kiran bedi with bjp because she is new in party.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -pragya (02/04/15)
  • Making Kiran bedi as the CM candidate of delhi looks like a strategic plan of BJP.they are using her as scape goat so that they can avoid direct face off between namo and arvind kejriwal. the opinion poll shows a majority of winning aap which also became a threat for bjp .namo is the face of bjp so they can not take a risk of spoiling his image. hence they find it better to present a clean face in public also they have given the safest seat of delhi to kiran bedi so that any kind of loss would be compensate.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -gaurav (01/25/15)
  • i think kiran bedi should be the next c.m of delhi in upcoming elections.she is the most suitable candidate for this positions.every area in which kiran bedi was involved was succesful. she is honest.hard working,motivational,having leadership qualities and also she is the youth icon of many of the indians.
    she came into the path of political matters by movements against correption.she was not against bjp or we cant say that she has taken a "U" turn.
    india have seen the result of trusting in kezriwal.fisrt i also consider him good.but he gave all of us only disapppointment and it is not the time for taking risk.for delhi election kiran bedi is most suitable.kezriwal can given the chance next time.
    kiran bedi image is clean.she must be the next C.M of delhi.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -Arshdeep Kaur (01/24/15)
  • Kiran Bedi is a well deserving candidate for the position of CM
    She has always fought for the right and ensured justice.
    We want our politicals leaders to be honest, hardworking, strict and corruption free to ensure growth and complete abidance of law in our country.
    kiran Bedi has all these qualities. It doesn't matter that she contests through Bjp aur Aap.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -Shabbir Galeriya (01/20/15)
  • As Kiran bedi is our first IPS officer,she has good knowledge about the countries problem.according to me she is best candidate for CM post. She knows how to tackle the problem's and also few years ago her show was there that is aap ki kachehri,in that she has solved many different kind of problems of different categories of people and people truly accept her decision without any argument so i think that she is best candidate for cm.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -Deepa Kaushik (01/20/15)
  • Kiran Bedi is an efficient social worker who cares for the society and the country. She is the one who works for the development of the nation. But, we should understand that a social worker is different from the CM candidature.

    Kiran Bedi, as an individual has achieved a lot. It is easy to survive and succeed individual in comparison to the group task. And when the same comes to politics, the task takes a drastic height of nearly impossible situation. One needs to be really extra-ordinary in their action and projection to survive in the political front. Any other group could only have negative elements deviating the course of action. On the contrary, we do have evil and crooked minds with authority and power here. It would be really challenging for Kiran Bedi to survive between these set of people.

    Kiran Bedi has got enough charm and fame to win the elections. Neither this is a sound note part of BJP to project a new comer as the CM candidate, nor would it be all that smart move for Kiran Bedi to be a puppet in hands of a political party. Yes, very correctly said, Kiran Bedi into politics could be useful only if she gets into power as the Chief Minister of Delhi. Without the authority, she cannot be of any special help to the common-man by joining BJP.

    Comparing Shazia Ilmi or Jaya Prada is not wise, as joining politics is the individual decision. As far as Kiran Bedi has self-confidence to transform the capital state to a safe and secure place for the citizens by joining politics, we should respect her decision and encourage her positive deeds. Her past comments for NaMo or BJP is no point being projected now. She is a human being as any other person and her views can change with the changing circumstances and situation. She is not to blamed for any joining BJP after speaking against them. Kiran Bedi definitely have a lot many supporters to get her to the CM power and at the same time she should be very well set to meet the exceedingly high expectation of Delhites from their most charming cop.
  • RE: Kiran Bedi as the CM candidate of Delhi – Support or Oppose? -Anusha (01/20/15)
  • While I completely agree with the point that raising a top notch cop turned leader as the CM candidate has its benefits for BJP but it also brings various objections against the party. Since, BJP confirmed on this news today, many people are still stuck on the question as to why BJP chose a newcomer as a CM candidate? Is it because of its own corrupt leaders which gave it no other option? While I am not anti-BJP/ pro-BJP but I could not help avoid the questions coming on the table due to this decision.
    Also, regarding the tweets that Kiran Bedi posted against NAMO a few months back, there are, really, many political leaders who first belonged to an opposition and then had a change of heart and changed their party. So, just pointlessly glorifying those tweets would be letting other parties achieve their main motive of bringing this up. While we are measuring the cons of this decision, we do need to analyse the pros as well. How efficient will Kiran Bedi be as a political leader? Will she be able to mobilise the public of Delhi towards the long dreamt change? Instead of examining her from the microscope of AAP and Congress, we should try to examine her from our own individual microscopes. Apart from viewing her as BJP's CM candidate for Delhi, we should also view her as CM candidate for Delhi.