Legalizing Prostitution - Pros & Cons!

Legalizing Prostitution – Pros & Cons!

'Pretty Women' – is a brilliant romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Its story centers on down-on-her-luck Hollywood prostitute who is hired by a wealthy businessman, to be his escort for several business and social functions, and their developing relationship over the course of her week-long stay with him. Termed as one of the oldest profession, prostitution has always been a thorn on the side of the so called moral people of our society. Termed as an unhealthy appendage of our society, it has always been given a low status and many have even tried to abolish this profession. However, they simply pushed it underground. Is it so immoral to provide sexual services for money? What about those girls and women who have no other option to earn a livelihood? On top the social stigma it has received, the illegal status of the profession makes it even more risky. So should we reduce all our troubles by legalizing it?

Yes –

1. It is a profession and is voluntary. No one forces anyone to engage in it. The clients as well as the service providers (as long as both are consenting adults) can decide for themselves.

2. Legalizing this would serve legitimate needs. Many go to such services to find comfort and companionship. Restricting sex to marriage has not been very successful. Many need such services as they are not satisfied in their married life.

3. Prohibiting prostitution does not stop such services, but rather pushes these activities underground. So it’s better to legalize such activities as long it is voluntary on the part of the customer and the service provider.

4. It is difficult to regulate prostitution due to its underground nature. Legalizing it would give opportunity to the government to regulate it stringently. Many say it is social stigma and immoral. Yet it has continued since ancient times. So a regulated legal approach can be beneficial.

5. The income earned in this profession is termed illegal thus leading to creation of black money. Legalizing can help bringing in financial regulation also. Legal prostitution can increase tax collection and help increase revenues of the government.

6. It will also make sure that sex workers keep themselves healthy.

7. We invest lot of resources in prohibiting prostitution. On legalizing we can use those precious resources to fight human trafficking, child trafficking, distribution of drugs, etc.

8. Many countries in the world have a legal and regulated prostitution and still feature high on the Human Development Index.

No –

1. Prostitution leads to objectification of women. This affects status of women in general in society.

2. Selling one’s body for money is unethical and immoral.

3. Sex with multiple partners increases risk of diseases. In case of prostitution there are chances of bodily harm too, as some clients might be violent. Thus it is not healthy.

4. Prostitution is also seen as an easy way to make money. But it has its own risks and sometimes these risks can lead to even death.

5. Many a times services of a prostitute are engaged by married men. Thus prostitution can lead to destroying one's family life.

6. Prostitution can never be a legitimate business. Just by legalizing it we cannot eliminate crime. Black money will keep on getting created as black money is created when one doesn’t want to pay taxes for the money earned. So legalizing will not solve problems of financial discrepancies.

7. Legalizing will simply increase the temptation of human trafficking and drug abuse. At least by banning prostitution there is some deterrent for such crimes.

8. Some actions are just wrong and immoral and we should not try to make them legal just because people do it and have been doing it. Many people exceed the speed limit on roads but we do not cancel the limits. We still enforce them. This for the safety of the driver and others in the society.

It is very debatable issue as to whether we must legalize prostitution. However it must be borne in mind that human rights are an important part of our civilization and prostitution does not guarantee human rights to sex workers. The Netherlands has the most progressive legislation in the field of prostitution. It permitted voluntary prostitution, the idea being to free women from the tyranny of the underworld of prostitution. Unfortunately the Dutch sex industry has, since legalization, been infiltrated by violent gangs and the country is now a hub for international trafficking and drugs gangs. So we can see that even legalization has not helped the women engaged in prostitution. Many a times women have no option and have to resort to such professions. By legalizing it we are simply encouraging them. We need to instead find more innovative ways to tackle this menace of prostitution than simply legalizing it.
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  • RE: Legalizing Prostitution – Pros & Cons! -Yogita Ajmera (10/24/15)
  • In place like India, where relations, family, society are worshipped, legalised prostitution will destroy the dignity of our culture.
    Although, a bitter truth that it's the fastest way to make money, legalising will pamper more and more to be involved in this and it doesn't at all justifies development. Unfortunately some have to engage in this business for livelihood but there can be a better way to assure living rather selling your virtue for money.
  • RE: Legalizing Prostitution – Pros & Cons! -Emraan (10/23/15)
  • legalizing prostitution has its own pros and cons affecting social, economical, environmental, legal factors. Economically- Prostitution even if not legalized will be happening underground and the money earned will be counted as black money on which government cant generate revenues. although its a matter of fact that people earn legally or illegally, they might refrain from paying taxes.
    Socially- legalizing would encourage women to engage in such activities as it is an easy way to earn money as ban on it would create fear and they would not engage and would find another way of earning.
  • RE: Legalizing Prostitution – Pros & Cons! -Deepa Kaushik (10/22/15)
  • Legalizing prostitution has two aspects. On one hand it is the livelihood of the females who have already been forced to this profession. The other aspect is the families of the visitors and moral grounds which does not allow this to fluorish. Both of these aspects have their set of justification. So, it would not be all that easy to condemn just on hearing the term prostitution.Maximum population amongst the prostitutes are those who are forced to this profession. They are murdered physically, mentally, emotionally, morally every second. It would be highly discouraging to further traumatise the dead soul in the name of legal grounds. When they are already been punished by being forced to the flesh trade, then the legal aspect should be made stringent on those agents who drag them to this profession.It is not that these women does not want to get out of this. But our society never accepts such women to even stay in their vicinity. Even if they fight their fate and get to a life out of that pit, still they would always be looked down and be forced to get back unwillingly.It is pretty understandable that the prostitution remains the root cause of many spoiled families. Yet we cannot overlook these women who are forced to stay in that pit. We either need to change the mindset of people and society to help these women with alternate livelihood; else it would be fair enough to legalize prostitution instead of penalizing the poor females.
  • RE: Legalizing Prostitution – Pros & Cons! -Mukesh Singh Chauhan (10/21/15)
  • Yes, this should be legalized but not to stop as it is already mention that some of the people are not satisfied with their married life or some of them are free to live, i mean they don,t believe in marriages but in sex, so they are free to come prostitute market and if it legalized then obviously the government generates revenue from the which will be used for betterment of the prostitutes like expenditure on good food, clothes, and a good infrastructure and health issues.
    the most important thing is here is that legalizing is OK but the corruption free government is also necessary for the better use of the money for the betterment of prostitute, society and a country whole.