Like Mumbai, Delhi Should Be Allowed To Party All Night

Like Mumbai, Delhi Should Be Allowed To Party All Night

Party all night, yes it will be there in Mumbai as the state officials have taken the decision to let bars and nightclubs remain open 24*7. The decision has rekindled the debate on whether Delhi should be allowed to party all night? At this moment, Delhi Police is against the trend of all night party. They still won’t allow nightclubs and pubs to stay open beyond 1 am. Partygoers and club owners argue that if Mumbai can party all night, why they are stopped from doing so? Let us discuss, Like Mumbai, Delhi Should Be Allowed To Party All Night.


- The strength of Mumbai Police is much less than the strength of 85,000-strong Delhi Police. If Mumbai police can manage, then why can’t Delhi?

- The problem is within the structure and system of Delhi. Instead of closing pubs early, police officials should work hard to maintain law and order in the state.

- The club owners are also businessmen, and they have every right to ask for extended timings. Why should they suffer due to poor law system?

- It is high time things need to change in Delhi. Crimes happen even during day time, then why the restrictions are placed in night.

- First Delhi police should ensure safety of women at all places, 24*7 and then should raise their voice against all night party.


- Club owners demanded that they will place sufficient security measures. However, the problem is who will protect women after they leave premises.

- Keeping nightclubs and pubs open till morning will result in a spurt in crime. Already Delhi is considered as the worst state for women.

- There can’t be a same rule when it comes to maintaining order and law as the security arrangement and laws are state specific.

- Clubs in Delhi are scattered all over making it extremely tough for police officials to ensure safety of women, especially at a time when crimes against women are rising in Delhi at an alarming rate.

- The bars, nightclubs and pubs don’t follow defined rules and safety measures, and therefore they can’t be kept open till morning.


An active nightlife is a vital part of a modern city. There are many small cities that allow nightclubs to open beyond 1 am. Why restrictions are only for Delhi? Letting nightclubs and bars remain open 24*7 is a step in right direction. Mumbai Police has given nod and it is time for Delhi Police to take same decision. However, if they want to oppose it, they should ensure safety of women in day time.
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  • RE: Like Mumbai, Delhi Should Be Allowed To Party All Night -Deepa Kaushik (02/20/15)
  • Though both Delhi and Mumbai are metropolitan cities, yet there lies a large difference between the culture and establishments in both these cities. Opening the bars and pubs at night in Delhi would call for the extra protection. The cops need to be extra vigilant and there might also be possibility to increase the placement in police forces. Increasing the employment opportunity is a direct hit on the economy, as the funds to train the new cadres and provide them with the facilities along with the salary would dig a trench on the Government treasure.

    The main area of concern is the law and order situation in these two places, which marks a great difference. Mumbai must have lesser cops in comparison to Delhi, but we should not forget the fact that Delhi includes the New Delhi, which is the capital of the country and accommodates lot many VIPs including the Central Ministries along with the State governing bodies. The higher number of VIPs directly imply special protection by the cops. So, it would be incorrect to compare the police force directly in these two places

    There is no doubt regarding the poor law and order condition in Delhi, especially for women. having crime incidences in the daytime doesn’t imply that we further create favourable conditions for the culprits to enhance the crime rate in the city. Our police force is already finding hard to curb the crime rate; partying all night would just add on to the existing pressure.

    Lastly comes the culture. In a nation where we debate every now and then on moral policing, is it actually a necessity to party all night? Are the bars and pubs a positive mark to our culture lovers? Though it is acceptable that everyone has the right to live their life in their own way, without hurting the rights of others; still, such an act of long extended hours for bars and pubs would not only underline the security concern, be that be security for women, or the road accidents as in drink and drive case, or undue violence, but that will also lead to health hazards with increased substance abuse.

    Thus, it would be better if the “Party All Night” culture is not adopted in Delhi.