Litigation associate CV sample - litigation associate CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a litigation associate should highlight following qualities:

1.Good kowledge of rules
2. Confidence
3. Honesty
4. Ability to learn
5. Negotiation skills
6. Good communication and interpersonal skills
7. Persuasiveness
8. Strong analytical and problem solving abilities

Refer to following Sample CVs :

Sample Associate CV
Sample Assistant CV
Sample CV format - sample curriculum vitae
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  • Litigation associate CV sample

    Ricahrd w.x.
    Ph No: 1234567890

    Associate with experience in legal affairs, seeking a position of litigation associate.


    -Good written and communication skills.
    -Excellent knowledge of all legal affairs.
    -Able to solve problem in easy way.
    -Good leadership and delegation skill.
    -Good knowledge of codes and ethics.
    -Able to gather information and interpret accordingly.
    -Good in computers and legal software programs.
    -Able to understand clients need and analyze different cases.

    Professional Experience

    Working as Litigation associate in XYZ legal aid services since 09Aug20XX-till date


    - Preparation and presentation of client’s case before the session starts.
    -Help the team members in research of cases.
    -Before the judge starts research, findings, interviewing, and analyzing all events regarding the case has to be done.
    -Responsible to handle any kind of clients.
    -Make sure that illegal practice regarding case should not be followed.
    -Engage in wide range of task.
    -Responsible to attend daily walk-in clients.
    -Discuss with clients and seek help from seniors.
    -Conduct as many investigations as possible relating to the case.
    -Help in drafting contracts, purchases, releases etc.
    -Maintain record of all cases till the required day.
    -To consider main motive as client satisfaction.

    Personal Traits

    -Have lots of patience.
    -Able to work under pressure.
    -Open minded.
    -Fair judgment.
    -Practice only ethical cases.
    -Intelligent and logical.
    -Able to handle any kind of situation.
    -Have lots of patience.


    -Have received good feedback from clients.
    -Won many cases successfully.
    -Appreciated by seniors for handling clients in a easy way.


    -Completed JD
    -BA from XYZ College in 19XX.

    Computer skills

    -Basics (MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel) Internet Concepts, Ms-Access.
    -Aware of ethical software programs used for researching.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth -
    Languages known -