Love makes you a good entrepreneur.

Love makes you a good entrepreneur

Love makes you a good entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship and love are not related we all know. While one is all about your profession, something that you want to announce into the world, love is personal. Your love life and professional life are not always on the same track, usually with one complaining a competition of time and dedication towards the other.

Looking from statistical point of view, it has been suggested that good entrepreneurs are good lovers too. The perfect way of balancing the two is what a person happy and successful does. When a person is truly happy and motivated from within, he can conquer the world.

Looking at some of the highly successful entrepreneurs of the world, one often wonders if they are just workaholics who have little to no time to spare for the family and loved ones. But of course, the paparazzi go crazy stalking their personal lives and we get a glimpse of how happy a lover they are. Those little PDA moments captured are a sneak-peak into their real lives where they are happy with their beloved.


1. A strong support: That special someone by your side to motivate you and tell you that you have it in you to conquer anything you want is not a dramatic phrase to think of but as real as life could get. We all need to be assured at the beginning of something new. We need that strength coming from someone who means the world to us. His/her opinion matters to you in a crucial moment such as the beginning of a new business. When she is supportive of your start and ready to tread the unsure path with you, there’s nothing more you could have asked for.

2. A happy vibe: When you are happy from within, it reflects. Everyone needs love; to be loved by the one you love is one of the happiest feelings in the world. It reflects on your work too. With happy and positive vibes, you have a clean mind which is open to new prospects and ideas all destined to make the world a happy place for your beloved. You make a positive start to the day and your business flourishes just as your relationship gets stronger.

3. Being a loner is not good: So you’ve achieved big but go back to an empty house staring blankly at you. You then begin to question the real essence of life. It makes you sad though some would suggest that being single is all that cool and comes with freedom that relationship crushes. Brag how much you want but we all know that feeling too well that comes during the melancholic hours at the end of the day when all you wish for is someone to shower love and care on you. You begin to question the reason for your existence which can slowly lead to depression and depravity from work.

4. You are willing to struggle to get there: When you have a good cause to live for, when you know why and for whom you want to be successful, you are willing to take risks and struggle your way to the top. You would take all the pains in the world and take the risk and start your business even when you know it won’t be easy. When you have responsibilities of keeping someone happy and elated through, you somehow manage to get the courage to do whatever it takes to strive for a better future of your life and business.

5. Determination: Both love and entrepreneurship takes determination for success. When you are a good lover, you know well how to keep working on your goal and that it is a continuous process. You start your own business but you know that it is only the beginning of success and that it needs to be worked upon constantly if you want to keep it flourishing and blossoming just like you do when you want to keep the love ignited.


1. Two different things: Love and entrepreneurship are two different things that do not coincide. You could be a good lover and a good entrepreneur too but that doesn’t mean that love gets the credit of your successful business. It is your entrepreneurship skills that get you far in the business. It totally depends upon how dedicated you were to take the risks, follow the uneven path, stumble and yet get back to your feet to finally reach the zenith of success.

2. The two can clash at an earlier stage: The start of a relationship and a business at the same time can spell disaster. Both at their budding stage need nurturing with time and perseverance. You can expect at least one of them to start complaining that you are allotting too much of your precious time to the other and boy, you could be in serious trouble if they are both demanding. Perusing both of them at the same time is not a piece of cake with icing to the top. They won’t compromise or try to understand your situation landing you in a dilemma for quite some time.

3. Singles are better entrepreneurs: I am not saying that you cannot start your own business once you are married and have a family to raise but we all know about double the trouble when you have more responsibilities to take care of at the same time. Singles are luckier in this regard. They can spare all the time in the world towards starting their business and most importantly won’t be getting any nagging calls and sweet texts awaiting serious consideration and equally sugar-coated reciprocations. You get time for yourself and you can rejuvenate at your convenience.

4. Plenty of time for love: Instead of pursuing the two at the same time, keep one waiting for some time until you are well settled in your business. A successful person is always more confident and rooted in his/her relationship. When you have achieved your dream career and your professional life is on track, you can devote time and efforts to your love life and allow it to flourish unhindered. No one can deny that no matter how true you love is, when the test of time comes, an unsuccessful career can ruin relationship very easily.

Love is positive when it is true and comes from an understanding partner. The same could be said about your affair with your business. The two happening and flourishing well at the same time is bliss but it cannot be said for everyone. Love with the wrong person at the wrong time can devastate your life and business. It is very important that you lay out your priorities clear and do not compromise on them just to save a relationship that isn’t worth saving.

When your partner knows and understands your dreams, love really can be the driving force towards successful entrepreneurship, keeping you happy and motivated.
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