M-governance: Will it be the panacea for all the problems of India in the next decade?

M-governance: Will it be the panacea for all the problems of India in the next decade?


M-governance means Mobile governance. M-governance ensures that services are available to the people with the help of mobile phones. M-governance is the subset of E-governance. The government has emphasized that the service delivery mechanism should move from e-governance to m-governance. It can revolutionize the way public services are delivered to the citizen today because of its various benefits like accessibility, low cost, transparency and reach to the inaccessible areas of the country. Certainly, if implemented effectively, it can turn out to be the panacea for all the problems of India.

Advantages of M-governance:

1. It is transparent and provides a direct interface between the citizens and the government, which will make government accountable.

2. Use of mobile is increasing day by day and penetration of mobile phones has ever increasing phenomenon in the rural India. It will create opportunities for the government to deliver the public services to the people anytime, anywhere.

3. The cost of mobile technology is much cheaper than internet technology. Therefore, it will be an effective tool for the poor people because people will adopt this technology for its low cost.

4. To avail the facilities of the internet, there is need of infrastructure which is lacking in various areas of the country. In these areas, M-governance will work better.

Challenges to M-governance:

1. The cost on the part of the government to implement the facilities of M-governance together with E-governance will be a challenge.

2. There is a lack of knowledge and training to the rural people about operating the mobile phones, which needs to be addressed.

3. The security of the mobile transactions needs to be maintained by the people.

4. There is also need of the basic infrastructure for continuous access of the mobile technology. For example, telecommunication signals should be present in the rural and inaccessible areas.


M-governance will not only solve many problems of public service delivery but also help in strengthening democracy. It will help in increasing the interaction between the citizen and the government. M-governance will not only give power to the citizens of the country but also help in empowering the people of India.
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  • RE: M-governance: Will it be the panacea for all the problems of India in the next decade? -Monika (07/25/15)
  • As per M- governance is concerned,i think it will set as a better substitute for E- governance.In dis era of digital revolution m- goverance can be a beneficial medium for casting the policies in a facile way.it will set as fire on reaching public's hand coz they will avail it to strengthen democracy and to meet their demands.It can be access by vintage demos who r on the outreach of any participation in policies and to hire policies because of far reaching internet zone in their area.Mobile phone have become intrgral part of our lives as it is handy and cheap to avail it .Only challenge which has to be overcome is in using this portable device to chain this mechanism.Only after proper expertise and government vigility this can be outreached otherwise it will remain as bane for our contrymen.
  • RE: M-governance: Will it be the panacea for all the problems of India in the next decade? -Deepa Kaushik (07/21/15)
  • M-governance is an effective measure. Mobile has become a reachable technology for most of the Indians, even at the rural sect of the world. In a scenario where Internet is stillout of reach for the millions of the masses, M-Governance could prove to be an efficient measure.

    M-Governance has a good scope of reach into the interior most rural parts where computers andsimilar systems has failed to spread its wings. We are still living in an era where people find it difficult to operate computers. On the contrary, they find easy to operate mobiles.

    Though mobile is a handy device, we have certain hurdles to be faced in having M-Governance. Firstly, the usage of apps is possible only if people are literate enough to make use of them. People might be illiterate, but we can't afford them to be ignorant to use the applications which would serve the purpose of M-Governance. Secondly, in the age of cyber threats, it would be very difficult to teach the ignorant and illiterate masses to make aware of the importance of security checks. Failure of proper security measure could prove to be a threat to the society.

    Next important concern being the requirement of funds toimplement M-Governance. We have a lot many concerns on priority which needs immediate focus. It is a matter of deep analysis to understand whether M-Governance is that urgent a requirement in our country? To be precise, we should analyse and understand the requirement of M-Governance in India before its implementation.
  • RE: M-governance: Will it be the panacea for all the problems of India in the next decade? -Tanmay (07/21/15)
  • Mobile governance will definitely help in strengthening democracy as the government will be able to provide better public services and citizens will be able to avail it.Furthermore all issues whether accessibility,cost or its availability all goes in favour of m-governance .so if implemented properly this will surely emerge as panacea for all problems in next decade,