Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important?

Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important?

At the 103rd Indian Science Congress, 4 out of 5 Nobel laureates indicated that Make in India mantra should change to Invent in India for attaining greater heights. The leaders of the academic world felt that India should focus on discovering and inventing, not just making on its own.

So, which is a better pitch for expanding the field of the Indian growth story? Make in India or Invent in India? When it comes to the future of the country, is the Make in India mantra the right path for success on the road to economic evolution? Let’s find out what the knowledge pundits say and how far it makes sense for India.

Invent in India should be the mantra!

1. India should focus on discovering - Discovery and inventions enable that products can be made within the country. This ensures that whether we want to pursue Make in India or associated programs like Digital India and Start Up India, India must first discover inventions that are of importance.

2. More takers for science - Invent in India will galvanise more takers for science in the field. Science is to be taught at a young age so that talent can be caught on early. Invent in India has the power to make brain drain into brain gain for the country, thereby paving the way to prosperity.

3. Inventions need to be passed onto startups for growth - Inventions need to be drawn from universities and passed on to start ups and this will encourage talent in abundance. Engineering may be a popular choice, but it is ultimately science which drives the engineering. The need for cultural change will only be met if science is encouraged in schools, colleges and universities.

4. Need for thrust on indigenous innovations and inventions - Make in India should be replaced by Discover, Invent and Make in India because in order to make in India you need to invent first. To invent, there is need for more scientific discoveries in India so that the nation can focus on new inventions, technologies and products which equip it to compete on the world stage.

5. Invent in India will revive the Indian startup story - Innovating in India will pave the way for innovations to come out of universities and research centres and form part of entrepreneurial ventures and startups. Investment in R and D is crucial for India to develop. Despite increase in India’s economic growth and the doubling of GDP within the last 10 years, financial allocation for R&D has not changed much in recent times. Growth is merely a flat curve, according to the Nobel laureates, because of failure to invest in Invent in India.

6. India needs more HR in science and engineering - Encouraging more youths to take up studies in science, the subject needs to be taught at a very early age. If taught earlier, it will encourage a preference and deeper understanding of science which will galvanise growth in the Indian subcontinent. Backing sustained investments by advancements in basic science and fostering a spirit of curiosity is a sure recipe for the country’s success.

7. India can compete on the world stage - If Invent in India is adopted, the country can have new discoveries and understanding of science which translates into applied science and technologies. This is a necessary goal for India’s success. This is because to make India competitive in today’s world, one has to invent new products and technologies in the nation. Basic science is the foundation for innovations and applications and challenges for democracy in India include taking up the long term cause of science and R&D.

8. Indian R&D needs freedom - If you want to have scientific exploration and untamed scientific curiosity, Invent in India is a must. The view should be to protect the freedom of scientists so that future democracies like India can hold their own against emerging economies as well as the developed world. Financial schemes are also a must for real talent to enter science at an early age and become a world leader in due course.

Make in India can get quick results!

1. Make in India will increase number of jobs - A positive impact on employment will be apparent once the Make in India programme is effectively implemented. Make in India will increase the number of jobs while Invent in India will only increase the knowledge of the country.

2. It will boost tourism -Make in India will ensure that tourism in the nation receives a boost because more foreign travellers will be attracted to India as a destination for quality goods. Apart from medical tourism, retail tourism is the last trend to catch on and Make in India could really capitalise on this.

3. Infrastructure development will be possible - Make in India realises the great Indian dream of having adequate infrastructure for a growing population. Make in India has the capacity to create more infrastructure through massive generation of resources resulting from increase in manufacturing.

4. Make in India will spur education - Make in India will not only generate jobs, but also improve the state of training and education in the country. This will foster progressive attitudes and consequent economic growth.

5. Economic growth will be possible - Make in India will ensure that growth receives a boost and India is firmly set on the path to economic prosperity. Economic development is possible if there is impetus for growth and Make in India provides this essential ingredient for national success.

6. Inventing & Discoveries require time – While inventions and discoveries are extremely important, the research for them is a time consuming job. Make in India can provide the immediate fuel to get the economy running.


Discover, Invent and Make in India should definitely be the new mantra because it unites the economic growth of Make in India with the knowledge boost of Invent in India. No discovery is complete without manufacturing growth and no invention is valuable till it finds application in human society. The same goes for intensive increase in manufacturing activities. If there is low domestic demand and competition from Made in China, Make in India will face an early demise. Amalgamating Invent in India with Make in India is the cure for this. Rather than bitter pills, scientific remedies that encourage human creativity and use intelligence are required for India to grow into a truly progressive country. While bitter pills are needed for short term recovery, only lasting scientific innovation can bring about desired long term changes.
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  • RE: Make in India or Invent in India - Which is more important? -Make in India or Invent in India (05/18/18)
  • Make in India campaign will compliment invent in India. Indian market is lucrative at the moment for foreign investors, many are lined up to invest here. In this backdrop, government of India has banged on the target with this slogan. Taking cue from latest foreign technologies, many indigenous companies will also intensify their growth. All will create a perfect environment for imaginative mind to invent and innovate new design.
  • RE: Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important? -Make in India (04/24/18)
  • Make in India will help us to unleash our capability to Invent in India. Invention is not an overnight journey, it requires severe research and fund to shape an idea into a world class product. Make in India will attract many global manufacturing companies to establish their units in India. People will not only be employed but also get an opportunity to work on new technologies. Working exposure will propel many to launch their own products in the market. For example, taking cue from Mcdonalds and Pizza Hut, many similar indigenous companies are doing exceedingly well. There are many such examples where we have learnt and gone on inventing our own. Make in India will help in our quest to innovate our own product.
  • RE: Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important? -Sanandan Sandy Sudhir (06/27/17)
  • You make after YOU create.
    If you make after some one else creates, you are only a small pie in the whole system, and at max. you can create some extra jobs. The fate of the nation would change only when you CREATE - INVENT IN INDIA!

    Let me explain this. Let us say an iphone that is sold at 650 USD, the manufacturing cost is 125 USD. Foxxcon aseembles it and the parts are manufactured by various countries across the world by some 20 different companies in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and USA.
    So make in India initiative means, we replace Foxxcon and offer a better price for assembly, or we manufacture a few parts and offer a better price. But all this is fighting for a small pie in the 125 USD (say 10 to 25 percent of this amount). The real money is the REMAINING (650-125). And you can build a real business if you are making 10 to 25 percent of this amount (10 to 25 percent of 650-125).
    That can be done only if you INVENT!! So please invent.

    Sanandan Sandy Sudhir
    President and CEO,
    InventINDIA, Indian Inventors Association.,
  • RE: Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important? -khanderao (01/18/16)
  • I have developed following Projects : auto tilting concreat mixer saving operator. Khandoba tractor manualy powered- ploughing acre farm in 16 work hours cost=one
    Bull. etc. desire outlet to exhibit.
    can you help ?.
  • RE: Make in India or Invent in India- Which is more important? -Deepa Kaushik (01/06/16)
  • Make in India and Invent in India both have their own importance. Both of them have different sphere of action. Comparing ‘make in India’ and ‘Invent in India’ is not very apt. When one aims towards the economic development of country, the other aims towards adding immense fame to the nation.

    Make in India is a nicely designed program that is oriented for the development of the nation. Make in India definitely requires some sort of investment to gather the basic infrastructure, but the returns would be those that the country eagerly looks forward to. The number of employment opportunities would increase, which would likely help in curbing the deteriorated health condition and checking the law and order situation. The Make in India would also pave way to export and thereby add to the revenue for the nation.

    On the other hand, Invent in India is also a major project at hand. But this field limits itself to the learned class and could not accommodate other sections of the society in helping with their employment. Inventions and discoveries are scholarly works and requires huge investments for their research work. Though the returns would also be huge along with name and fame, still the return from this project is not something that we long for.

    We need to analyze both the projects in all aspects. The one which could satisfy and pacify us by fulfilling the need of the hour would be more appropriate for the present age. In these grounds ‘Make in India’ would be more important for the time being.