Make in India Or Made in India

Make in India Or Made in India


A new topic storming people's brains is 'make in India or made in India'. As Narendra Modi launched a campaign for 'make in India', many thinkers have become vocal about its pros and cons. 'Make in India' is mostly about emulating china in export led, growth oriented economy as china is facing hurdles like growing cost of labor and post-market servicing. While 'made in India' emphasizes more on industries based on home-grown technology.

Make in India

Attractive destination for investors- India is basically a service industry which is trying to move its focus away from the tertiary sector of the economy to the manufacturing sector. Keeping this goal in mind, 'make in India' campaign was launched to attract more foreign investment by removing obstacles like the remaining traces of the license raj, fast sanction of projects from the bureaucratic web, etc.

Employment- It will also help to solve the problem of employment needs of our growing population.

Economic boost- On the economic front, it will boost trade and provide linkage with the global supply chain and will reduce the current account deficit.

Infrastructure development - It can expand the investment in infrastructure development.

Made in India

Paying for technology - But on the other hand, it has many disadvantages too. 'Make in India' will just import the technology so that India will pay for the technology in terms of licensing cost, up-gradation cost, etc. Also, India does not have any control on the source of a company's raw material supplies. The outsourcing company bounds India by contract and does not share its secrets.

Competitive advantage - Another drawback will be, if some competition comes, say from Africa or south America, where the conditions become suitable for manufacturing, then these companies can shift their base from India causing a significant number loss of employment.

Emergence of geographical identity brands- Made in India can be an answer to these questions. It can encourage entrepreneurs to start up their business and be a part of the global skill pool as India lags behind in “home-grown brands” like German cars, swiss chocolates and British scotch.

Political reasons - Made in India will provide strategical benefits in terms of defense and nuclear energy sector which are crucial from the political perspective.

Encouragement of R&D - Finally, India can benefit from technological advances by industrial revolution.


Make in India and made in India both can be beneficial for India. India can benefit temporarily from outsourced manufacturing plants but it can not stress it beyond a limit. It should rather focus more on encouraging research and development and bringing industrial innovation. Make in India should be a start to achieve the long term goal of made in India.
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  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Make in India Or Made in India (05/07/18)
  • Both initiatives of government are capable of changing the dimension of India's growth, they are nowhere colliding but complimenting each other. Make in India has been given priority to lure foreign companies to invest and put manufacturing units in India. They will add fuel to our growth in an speedy way as they are well placed technically and financially. The success of Make in India will not only employ people in huge way but inspire many Indian companies as well to launch their own version. It will script two way success story.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Shweta chauhan (11/30/17)
  • Make in India is an idea of Mr.Modi ji but now it made a is very beneficial for Indian economy.In make in India the main objective to make a India as manufacturing hub and to produce the goods and services in own country rather than import.because when we import then it increase the price of goods and services.but if the productvis made in India then we can purchase it at lower price and we can't pay the import duty.It is important to attract those investors who want to invest the money in Indian business.and in last I think it is eyery dream if we purchase any product we see that it is made in India product like Samsung is manufacturing in Korea so we can see that on the product write it is make in Korea and if the more product are produce in India so write on the product that it is make in India so it is very proudly thought for eyery one.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Tanvi (02/01/16)
  • In my opinion make in india is good effort. But it should be limited to a certain level. because it will just solve the problem for the short period. It will lead to more employment and investmemts in our country which will help in development of the country, but we cannot depend on it for long as foriegn investors can change their mind and can shift their investments from india to any other country where they find can earn more profits., whereas made in india looks promising, government also providing funds for new startups. It can definetly boost our country's development.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -arnab bose (01/31/16)
  • the government of India is just trying to overtake china's economic growth. it it is just a campaign which is innovated by Narendra Modi and his government. in china there are lots of manufacturing industries. but our government try to do its own product that is innovated and produced in India . if it is possible then more employment should be possible. so make in India is the moto to attract foreign investors to invests more and more money in India . if it is possible then the result coming and that is made in india.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Kshitij (12/14/15)
  • yes i think it will work,and will enhance the the condition of our nation ,and will surely provide the employment as well.We can take it as a roadmap for development as other nations have grown up,we can take it as a way of increase in inclusive growth

  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -anushka (11/21/15)
  • Apart from the pros and cons mentioned on generating employment, what i feel is research and development also plays a major role for a country's development. Bringing up a new technology can change the way a product is manufactured, it can make a product reliable for a common man. In order to focus on innovation in the field of science and technology the young minds should be encouraged to do research in india.This is possible with a good autonomous system, funding from the government and generating interest among students regarding research. And another important thing this campaign does to youth is to encourage new startups as big business people start to invest in these startups through ventures.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Narender yadav (08/24/15)
  • make in India or made in India seems to be similar but hidden meaning behind it is totally different. let us I clearfy both one by one
    make in India : as prime minister narender modi launch a campaign make in means that makes the article good and electronic items in India. benefits by it unemployment issue can be solve, economy boost, infrastructures development
    made in India means use the product which are made in a day China product are abundant sells in Indian market .if we avoid the use of China product then demand of Indian product increase in market.
    conclusion is that both make in India or made in India are good for development of India.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -gopal agrawal (08/24/15)
  • make in india may lead to a product of superior quality whereas made in india where quality is always comprised for a cheap rate may lead to the low inferior quality goods .
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -priya (08/24/15)
  • this is very nice conclusion...
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -dharamveer singh (02/06/15)
  • I find no difference between make in India and made in India. In both programs we establish factories and increas employment and economy as well . but there is a minute difference that made in India promotes indigenous technology and make India promotes foriengn technology and working process in india
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -jagdish patel (02/03/15)
  • We nkow that actully person in future is required to eat somthing i.e. basically food hence in service sector we earn more money but whether service can provide food? no. hence in future mostly requirentment is product hence same concept is more important in employment etc.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Stuti (02/02/15)
  • Make in India started by narendra modi has been started for a specific reason. To generate employment, and to boost the industrial sector of India. These are the basic points that have to be solved at this point of time. These are essential to bring India to the forefront as week as necessary requirement to solve the basic needs.
    But there is also a great risk where outside businesses are concerned aas they can leave for a better option. But for entrepreneurs to set up thier own business in India requires technology which is costly. There are pros and cons to both sides. So according to me 'make in India' & 'made in India' have to go on side by side. The cons of one has to b overcome by the pros of the other. With benefits and help provided to the home based companies so they can compete with the international standards.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -virender singh (02/01/15)
  • i belive that this rogram`make in india`which is been launched by narendera modi definately gonna be great effort for the future of india .
    because with this program country can achieve huge success in terms of economic or social development of the country.
    it was also a plus point for removing unemployment problems of india because of investment coming through this program.
    and as we all know that reliance chairman mr. mukesh ambani has romissed to invest around 1 lakh crore rupees in india in comming two to three years.there are also so many investor like naarayan murti , mr. suzuki, infosys etc who romissed for investing in india.
    i believe that this is all about the good future of the india.
    i think we should all have to appreciate this rograme.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Deepa Kaushik (01/16/15)
  • “Make in India” or “Made in India”; it lays on the simple fact that which is affordable for India and which of these would prove to be efficient on the long run. Are we in a state of economy to invest on the infrastructural requirements that would be necessitated for setting up of the manufacturing units for various products to be “made in India”? Would it really open up fresh employment opportunities for the Indians?

    As for “Made in India”, we need to check if we it would be all that good just to meet the ever increasing demands of the common man. it would be nothing more than a dent in the pocket which would call for huge investment. We need to have some sort of income to spend on the additional requirements of common man. This would in turn call for the revenue from the exports of goods which opens doors for “Make in India”.

    We can manufacture some products for which we do have some sort of investment already made and we have good artisans to kick up the growth in the international market. But, it would be definitely a foolish move to go ahead with “make in India” for every product, especially if the same is tried for every product on the single go. It would just lower the quality of the product and the efficiency of the labour thus employed.

    Balance is the essence of happy and healthy living. We need to balance the “make in India” and “made in India” concept to have an efficient economy with the better lifestyle of an average Indian citizen. “make in India” could be a good initiation to achieve the set target for “made in India”. Though we are not very well equipped for “made in India” right now, still this should be our motto for the long run for a stable economy and reviving outlook for India on the Industrial front.
  • RE: Make in India Or Made in India -Rachana (01/16/15)
  • How does it matter how we say it?
    The objective is the same.
    And again, now that it sounds not so catchy or cliched, it has actually caught on.
    Indians have almost forgotten the whole idea of being self reliant as a nation. Thus such drives are the need of the hour.