Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters!

Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters!

A powerful earthquake struck Nepal on Saturday. It is the worst earthquake recorded in Nepal in last 80 years. It was followed by a major aftershock on Sunday. The reported earthquake killed thousands of people and demolished a number of buildings. The issue here is not to discuss the after impact of natural calamities, but is to discuss who should be held accountable for such major losses? There is a group who believe that it is nature or God that uses such measures to discipline humankind while the second group calls mankind as responsible for natural disasters? So, is mankind really responsible for series of natural disasters?


- Men have resulted in the process of climate change and it is the prime reason behind most of the natural calamities witnessed in the present world.

- Global warming, which is converting into a slow onset disaster, is a result of human interference with nature.

- Deforestation, depletion of ozone layer, landslides etc. have been giving warning to humans about the upcoming problems. Still, there are no considerable measures implemented to control the damage.

- The development is coming at the cost of nature. There is a growing imbalance leading to a rise in natural calamities.

- It is the mankind who need to understand that they cannot carry on the development work in the areas prone to natural calamities.


- Everything is interconnected in this world, whether it is the earth or then other galaxies. So, it cannot be said that human actions lead to natural calamities.

- Even when the earth was free of pollution and then were no factors leading to global warming, at that time too natural disasters used to occur.

- It is a natural cycle where everything is balanced by the nature itself. If there are no corrective actions, then world would become a worst place to live in.

- Note the word in the term “Natural disaster”. It itself stated that all the events that occur are due to natural phenomena, and humanity cannot be blamed for it.

- The deaths from extreme weather declined drastically since the 1920s, and therefore it is really illogical to state that natural disasters are manmade.


There is a need to change perception of life. It cannot be decided who is responsible for natural calamities, but measures can be taken to control the damage. It is necessary to remember the ancient times when life was seen as integral part of the natural scheme wherein humankind was given an opportunity to work for the benefit of the entire universe without disturbing or playing with it.
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  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -Rehan Xahid (12/03/15)
  • it sometimes natural sometimes mankind ..........because mankind alone can't be responsible for all the natural disasters... The humans have not caused the disaster for eg. human do not cause earthquakes that are generated by some movement s and some activities...
    we should take some measures and contribute something towards this issue so that all such mis happening comes to an end.....
    Rehan XahId....
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -Abhishek sharma (08/11/15)
  • No,It is a natural cycle where everything is balanced by the nature itself.If there are no corrective actions,then world would became a worst place to live in.
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -anjali (04/28/15)
  • Mankind is not a reason for such occurrences .Back in the times of dinasours ,there were natural disasters,clearly they didn.t contribute to any global warming or ozone depletion . Like everything has an expiry ,our world is also going to end .To be more clear about the topic, it is just a natural phenomenon called 'tectonic plate movement where all the continents are parts of tectonic plates which are constantly moving .when two such plates collide ,it results in a a shock wave which is capable of producing an earth quake of high
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -Ash (04/28/15)
  • The question that whether 'Mankind is responsible for natural disasters' is a very tricky question because we cannot have any strong argument either in favour of or against the topic. In a way, mankind has been responsible for natural disasters by fiddling with nature and leading to Global warming, depletion of ozone layer, pollution, etc. However, mankind alone cannot be held responsible for all the natural disasters. The word itself suggests that the disasters are natural which are beyond the reach of humans.
    One of the ways to look at this is by looking at the bigger picture. Natural disasters hav been occuring since the time before mankind. We can compare the frequency of occurence of the disasters and the level of destruction caused by these disasters as a factor to determine who is responsible. And if this is to be considered, we can see that tha advent of mankind has had a detrimental effect on Nature leading to more destruction even with Natural disasters. Be it the Tsunamis affecting coastal regions or the cyclones hitting the populace or the ground tremoring earthquakes, the race of mankind for development has been at the cost of Nature and hence, mankind can be held responsible for some natural disasters
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -teenam (04/27/15)
  • Yes mankind is responsible for all such natural tragedy . All this mis happening is the result of human interference with nature which results into all such tragedies. These tragedies kill the life many innocent people which itself is a tragedy to all their loved ones .
    So it is the right time when we should take some measures and contribute something toward this issue so that all such mis happening comes to a end.
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -niharika (04/27/15)
  • Natural calamities are unfortunate events resulting from natural processes of the earth so whether its earth quake caused by siemic waves made due to breaking of rock or floods its not just to blame mankind for it. yes some of human activities cause environmental damage like pollution , global warming etc but natural calamities are all natural processes of earth.
    Scientists, geologists, and storm watchers work hard to predict major disasters and avert as much damage as possible. With all the technology available, it’s become easier to predict major storms, blizzards, cyclones, and other weather related natural disasters. But there are still natural disasters that come up rather unexpectedly, such as earthquakes, wildfires, landslides, or even volcanic eruptions. human are working hard so that the loss is minimum. we have shown amazing resilience to these natural calamities.
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -Tobias (04/27/15)
  • What are known as natural disasters occur due to changes in normal environmental conditions. It is well acknowledged that no animal other than man has caused huge environmental damage. Man cannot be blamed for all natural disasters- how can you do that in case of a volcano; there is hardly anything anthropomorphic about its occurence. On the other hand, it is well documented that human activity on say, hills, can increase the incidence of land slides. I would say that atleast in some natural disaster cases, there is a human factor involved.
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -Deepa Kaushik (04/27/15)
  • Mankind is not responsible for the occurrence of natural disasters, but for the heavy loss of life and infrastructure. Naturally occurring incidences and accidents are not within the reach of humans. Humans are puppets in hands of the universal occurring. We can foresee the happenings and keep ourselves equipped to our best possible level. Still, our science and research has not yet excelled to the level to avoid or stop the occurrence of natural calamities.

    We can say that the destruction could have been a bit better without the man’s new scientific inventions and equipment. The infrastructure has developed to the peak and all the residences and buildings have been converted to multiple floors which results in heavy loss of property and devastation at a much higher level than otherwise. Even the increase in the death toll is an impact of manmade developments. Humans have learnt to sophisticate their living, but they are unable to escape their own creations which cost them their life.

    Human kind should either restrict them to a simple lifestyle, or advance themselves to the extent that they become capable of stopping the natural calamities. Just predicting the fore-coming calamity would do no good as far as they cause destruction from their occurrence.
  • RE: Mankind Is Responsible For Natural Disasters! -s!mm! (04/27/15)
  • No man is not responsible.
    The word 'natural' indicates that humans have not caused the disaster. However, human activity can certainly interfere with nature, which in turn may either cause a natural disaster or make its effects much worse.
    For example, human do not cause earthquakes that are generated by tectonic movement and seismic activity, but underground mining can result in instability that causes earthquakes.
    Although man has created some of the calamities, man is not responsible for all natural calamities. It is natures way to destroy and offer new life to many places at once and is an uncountable force that can create a problem any time it wants to. Humans have helped push nature to be more resourceful, but they are not to be blamed for all of it.