Math Teacher CV Sample - math teacher CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a math teacher should highlight following qualities:

- Enthusiastic about art
- Good understanding of visual art
- Good understanding of students and their behaviour
- High ability to explain
- Ability to assess the effectiveness of program
- Ability to collaborate with other teachers
- Interested in continuous learning
- High Self confidence

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  • Math teacher CV sample

    RRRR Jain
    Mobile No: 9XXXXXXXXX

    Career Objective

    Good mentor with an ability to explain tough concepts in an easy way, inspire and motivate the students; seeking an opportunity to work as a mathematics teacher.

    Personality Traits

    -Quantitative skills
    -Good listener
    -Good Oral & written skills
    - Ability to explain tough concepts
    - Ability to assess the student's needs and provide them the required guidance

    Key Responsibilities

    -Prepares material of all three mathematic sections including functions, trigonometry, and statistics for the students.
    -Solving all the doubts and queries of the students regarding all exercises, theories and examples.
    -Prepare mid-term, final and pre-board question papers for the students.
    -Monitor the performance of all the students in the classroom and also provide additional help to weak students.
    -Participates in PTM and staff meeting.
    -Organize extra classes for the students at the time of board exams.


    -Completed 6 weeks training on the topic of Quantitative Analysis from Escorts ltd, Faridabad.
    -Completed 6 weeks training on the topic of Comparative analysis from SPR Bulidtech ltd, Faridabad.


    -Provided 100% pass result.
    - More than 70% students have achieved distinction in board exams.


    -Currently working with DPS, Faridabad as Math teacher since December 20** to till date.

    Professional Qualification

    -Completed B.Ed from ABC University and secured 70%.
    -Completed from B.Sc mathematic from ABC University and secured 75%.

    Academic Qualification

    -Successfully completed Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 70%.
    -Successfully completed Sr. Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 69%.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth-11th July, 19XX
    Language Known-English,Hindi