Medical record clerk CV sample - medical record clerk CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a legal clerk should highlight following qualities:

- Good at documentation
- Accuracy
- Condifentiality
- Well organized
- Quick

Refer to following Sample CVs :

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  • RE: Medical record clerk CV sample - medical record clerk CV formats / templates -megha nagpal (10/06/12)
  • Record clerk CV sample

    Mobile: 098xxxxxxx
    Email ID:

    Career Objective

    “To be associated with a professionally managed organization where I can develop and utilize my skills in the field of Medical Records which enable me to adapt with the latest trends to develop the organization and thereby gain Job satisfaction.”

    Career Summary

    -Having Enriched experience of more than xx years in the field of Corporate Sector, where I involved in record keeping and manage the vital information as per the requirement of organization.
    -I am compatible to work with different types of people with having good listening skills and have a good understanding of the terms and conditions used in this job.
    -Organized and can keep a proper check of the records with every minute detail.

    Professional Experience

    -Currently working with XYZ Hospital as Senior Medical Records Clerk, since April 20xx- Till Date.
    -Worked with XYZ Hospital as Assistant Clerk (Data base and Records Management), from June 20xx- April 20xx.


    -Working for IN-Patient medical records dept.
    -Assembling discharge records, analyzing medical charts are complete, that all forms are completed and properly identified and authenticated, and that all necessary information is in the computer.
    -Regularly communicate with physicians and other health care professionals to clarify diagnoses or to obtain additional information Provide documentation for use in legal actions, or use in research studies.
    -Operating and maintaining the Hospital's medical records with Knowledge of medical terminology in order to provide technical statistical and analytical medical records functions in an outpatient setting.
    -Analyzes the consistency of outpatient medical records involving injuries, diseases, medical and surgical condition to ensure that records are maintained accurately assures that contents of medical records are filed according to establish protocols.
    -Manually and computerizes records on Rs600 & Microsoft access, xx micro filming scanning and store in computer for old records.

    Educational Qualification

    -Passed Diploma Business management Specialize Clinical Research.
    -Passed Higher Secondary from XYZ Board of Education.
    -Passed Senior Secondary from XYZ Board of Education.

    Trainings and Certification

    -Completed certificate course Computer application form XYZ Training Institute.
    -Completed Training and Certificate Microsoft certified professional.
    -Completed Computer Technical Education from XYZ University.
    -Customer Service Program from "XYZ".
    -Fire & Safety Training Certificate from XYZ Hospital Fire & safety Dept.
    -Electronic Medical Records "XYZ"

    Personal Details

    -DOB: 02-06-19xx.
    -Language Known: English, Hindi, Tamil.
    -Address: XYZ
  • RE: Medical record clerk CV sample - medical record clerk CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/17/12)
  • Medical record CV sample

    Jarnail XXXXX
    Mobile: +91-99533*****
    Email: Jarnail***

    Career Summary

    -Experienced in operating on all database managemnet softwares for maintaing proper record patient.
    -Experienced in handling all the task of the departments from small pathology testing to major billings
    -Skilled in carrying out all the emergency operations and treatments in case of emergency.

    Skill Sets

    -Excellent knowledge of various medical record softwares
    -Profound in MS Office
    -Outstanding ability to monitor ward boys to nurses and maintain the sanitary environment in the hospital
    -Excellent knowledge of various equipments used in medical practices and organizational management.

    Personality Traits

    -Persuasive and Team Leader
    -Enthusiastic and innovative
    -Proficient speaker of Hindi, English
    -Self Starter Personality

    Duties & Responsibilities

    -Supervised Medical Record Keeping departments like XRay Report Library
    -Directed all the staff including nurses to ward boys for maintain sanitary and disciplinary environment in hospital premises
    -Took care of all the treatment which was been carried out in absence of senior doctors of the hospital
    -Supervised Pathology Department and also took care of the blood bank activities


    -Won 1st prize in Theatre Concert of XYZ


    -RTG Constructions, CVB City (2009-Present)


    -HSC (ASDF Board) 2001 Commerce Stream 78%
    -SSC (ASDF Board) 2003 Commerce Stream 68%
    -Practiced as Intern Zortic Hospital (2009-2010) A Certified

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address: QWERTY
  • RE: Medical record clerk CV sample - medical record clerk CV formats / templates -Shashank Chaturvedi (09/11/12)
  • Medical record clerk CV sample

    Janit XXXXX
    Mobile: +91-99533*****
    Email: Janit***

    Career Summary

    -Experienced and Versatile Medical Record clerk with useful administrative and clerical skills
    -Experienced in maintaing a huge appointment list of patients visiting.
    -Extensive experience in managing clinics with huge number of patients in a single day.
    -Experienced in taking care of clinic and various medical equipments daily.

    Technical Skill Sets

    -Fast Typing Spped of 100 wpm
    -Profound knowledge of dealing with patients in company and make them meet to concerned doctor as per appointment
    -Profound knowledge of MS Office to maintain a record of various patients visiting
    -Well versed with skills problem-solving abilities
    -Proficient in managing X-Ray/Pathology Reports fro future refernce by Patient/Doctor.
    -Possess extraordinary communication/presentation skills

    Personality Traits

    -Warm and Friendly nature
    -Proficient speaker of Hindi, English
    -Enthusiastic Personality make the work place an ideal place to work

    Duties & Responsibilities

    -Schedule appointments according to the availablity of a doctor
    -Maintain the proper documentaion of reports of a patient for futre refernce of doctor.
    -Supervise sweepers to other junior staff on issues like maintaing hygienic environment in the clinic
    -Woprk on Microsoft Excel and prepare appointments on the weekly basis
    -Keep record of various medical equipments.


    -Participated in various interschool debate competitions
    -Won 1st prize in Theatre Concert of XYZ


    -NAMED Outsourcing, WER City (2007-2009)
    -ARIT Softzone Solutions, CVB City (2009-Present)


    -HSC (ASDF Board) 2001 Commerce Stream 78%
    -SSC (ASDF Board) 2003 Commerce Stream 68%
    -Diploma (Administration) RTY University 77%

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: DD/MM/YYYY
    -Address: QWERTY