Men resent women power at work

Men resent women power at work

We are living in the 21st century, yet we are living in a male dominated society. Men cannot see a women matching his footsteps and being at an equal level as that of his.


- The male ego wants to govern women in every array be it at home or be it at the work place
- In the office scenario, during conflicts the common comments being floated in the work place are such that being a women she has taken this decision and also loose talks are being made over women workers
- Male employees do not leave any stone unturned in cases of promotion to let a women down and kill the competition.


- There are a lot of women who themselves are afraid to take up the responsibility due to various reasons like family, unable to spend late nights in office
- In a lot of companies, it has been observed that female employees are in the top management team while taking care of the offices
- If men were resenting women power at work, the number of women employees may not have been increasing on a daily basis
- We see a lot of women who are working independently as single women and managing the entire gamut of responsibilities at work as well as at home.


- Not all men are the same who are so much so concerned about male ego that they will not be able to see women moving ahead of them. Yes there are a few from the lot, but that is common.
- It is specially noted in the rural areas that men still have their egos but this is not the scenario in the metro cities. Things and times are changing, but every change takes some time to settle down and be adopted by people.
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  • RE: Men resent women power at work -pawan kumar (03/31/17)
  • Against.

    i agreed with this but was followed by men in old era but today we are living in a morden society so their is no discrimination in man or a woman there are enormous of examples like arundhati bhattacharya and chanda kochar are
    to be the helm of leading banks of india.