Mental wellness is the way to stay happy, healthy and wealthy

Mental wellness is the way to stay happy, healthy and wealthy

Your mental state describes how well you can cope ups and downs of life. Stress, loneliness, inactivity, anger and lack of sleep negatively impact mental health. And we are all vulnerable to experiencing a period of low. But we all deserve to feel good while we're here.

Taking up sport or exercise can help you feel better and keep you on course.

Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health. It not only strengthens your memory but also keeps neurodegenerative diseases at bay.

A study showed that the people who are physically active are more successful than inactive ones.

Exercising is a mighty drag for many, but we need to change and embrace regular physical activities in our life. And remember, Lack of physical exercise is a major cause for slowing down of our brain.

Physical activity not only adds years to your life but also keeps your memory sharp as you age. It stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline.

Higher levels of fitness are associated with better concentration and improved executive functions. Both of these together constitute a great recipe for success at work!

Physical activity increases heart rate that pumps more blood to the brain, and thereby, providing more oxygen that encourages the growth of new brain cells.
And you don't need to spend hours in gym, for that. Even daily moderate exercise for 30 minutes can help provide a nourishing environment for the growth of brain cells

Those who exercise regularly can think faster because it stimulates growth of new connections between cells that aid in effective transmission of data.

Exercise relaxes tensed muscles and reduces stress. It provides a profoundly positive impact on depression and anxiety. It relieves stress and helps you sleep better, and that boosts overall mood.

When you exercise, your body releases a chemical called endorphin. And that triggers a positive feeling in the body.

Thus, exercise is one solution to many problems. Keeping active is crucial for staying healthy and wealthy.
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