Mentally challenged kids should be taught separately!

Mentally challenged kids should be taught separately!

Mentally challenged children should be educated with normal kids or they should be imparted education in special schools has remained a matter of intense debate. The priority in the competitive world is always given to children who have received mainstream education. It is the reason a large percentage of people want mentally retarded kids to be allowed to study with normal kids. What is your opinion on the matter: Should Mentally Challenged Kids Be Allowed to Study with Normal Kids?


- It is extremely tough to draw a dividing line between varying levels of retardation and detail the characteristics of individuals belonging to each class of retardation. In such a case, it would be unfair to snatch the mainstream rights from a kid.

- India being a developing nation with meager allocation of resources on education, cannot afford the education costs by opening special residential schools for mentally retarded children.

- The challenging and rich environment of heterogeneous class with continued support and guidance from class teacher and application of ancillary services can be extremely helpful is adjusting these kids socially, educationally and emotionally in the regular classrooms. Social adjustment can rarely be developed in a segregated environment.

- Mainstreaming is entirely in consonance with the goals of educational policy to impart special education in regular classroom environment.

- The main benefit of the inclusive education is that at an early age normal kids interact with mentally retarded children and consider them as good friends and peers.


- The grooming or nurturing of talent is not possible until special treatment and due care is provided to the education of mentally retarded group.

- There have been several studies that depict that exceptional or mentally retarded kids were socially rejected and isolated in the classroom, leading to the fact that such kids could be better taught in small, homogenous group by specially trained faculty.

- From a teacher’s point of view, it won’t be possible for the mainstream teachers to entirely focus on these kids and devote extra time on their overall development.

- Special class teachers make use of concrete material and media designed especially for this group which cannot be used effectively in a heterogeneous class.

- Mentally retarded children become a target of bullying in regular schools. Normal kids do not understand their problems and consider them as weird and stupid. Therefore, they should not be subjected to this abuse as it can kill their self-confidence and morale.


Mainstreaming is a concept based on belief that each mentally retarded kid should have the right to receive education in the least restricted environment. However, mentally retarded children would benefit if they attend special schools and be taught by teachers who are trained specifically to handle and teach those with disabilities. This is not partiality or separating them from mainstream. And even if social advocates call it as a disparity, it should be carried out. The special education will ultimately benefit these children to live their life in an easier and comfortable manner.
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  • RE: Mentally challenged kids should be taught separately! -Deepa Kaushik (08/18/15)
  • Mentally challenged kids are physically like other children. They might have normal growth structure physically, yet their mind and intellectual level varies from other kids. These kids need special attention and support to survive the race of life.

    We are living in a highly competitive world. every individual needs to fight hard to prove their exisatence and earn their living. Dependency is far more crippling than any other deformity. Mentally challenged children shoould be trained well enough to sustain the external world and live independently to the best possible extent.

    For a dignified life., they need special training right since the childhood. Such an attention cannot be expected in normal schools and educational institutes. The student teacher ratio matters a lot for such children who need aid and help in getting prepared for the life race. Teaching separately could be a justified option for these kids.

    Teaching separately does not mean that these kids should be denied from mingling with the society. The more the get to normal children, more can they try to get aligned to normalcy. Also, our society should have a refined outlook towards these children instead of demoralising and discouraging them. Precisely, these children should be provided with special attention and training along with the education as for the other kids, keeping in mind that these children are kept in a normal environment.