Military training should be made compulsory in India.

Military training should be made compulsory in India.

Have you ever heard word Conscription? Well it is a form of compulsory enlistment of local people in national service or military service. It is something that is going on from ages in some places, and really helped people. In India also, some people are in favor of compulsory military training. They want the central government to seriously consider the proposal of military training in educational institutes. Can you think of Indians attending two - three months of compulsory military training? Some countries like Switzerland have it. So, should it be made compulsory in India?


• India faces the shortage of military officers, and the step could help the government to get the required number.

• It will provide a morale boost and a stronger representation to the army brigade of Himachal Pradesh.

• The restructuring of regiments by making military training compulsory will lower down the walls of differences between rural and urban India, the different states and the communities.

• The compulsory military training will be a form of vocational training that will utilize some years of youth life for constructive purposes.

• Military training will instill much needed discipline and patriotism in the hearts of young blood that are just blindly walking on the path of westernization.

• It will provide a means to many young people who want to be a part of public enterprise but sometimes cannot fulfill the entrance criteria.

• The past has shown that conscription has helped the countries like Israel and Switzerland during the tough times.

• It will help the women to protect themselves from the illicit elements who want to take undue advantage of females.


• The compulsory military training will create more and more powerful regiments divided on regional basis. India is not a place to implement such law.

• The compulsory military training that is worth anything will come with a cost, and the problem is who will bear the cost? The taxpayers’ money cannot be wasted like this.

• Anything that is made compulsory or forced is not liked by the people, no matter it is interesting or useful.

• The prime years of youth cannot be forced to spend in vocational training as these are the years to have fun in life.

• Forcing military training in India is like violation of individual rights as it will be like providing the service for any government whether the person supports it or not.

• The idea of compulsory military training is feasible only in countries that have a small population base.

• Many a times women are not made a part of such programs and then all the burden comes solely on men.

• It will not foster the national pride in people but will be considered as involuntary servitude and slavery.

• The efforts, time and money will be totally wasted as an unwilling and forced training will be inefficient.

• The simple decisions in India cannot be implemented due to political problems. How do you expect the populist politicians to take such a hard decision?


Military training in India has to be perceived in many parameters. It has to be analyzed in terms of social, economic, political and national factors. The idea of compulsory military training at first idea seems good but the problem is the country is not ready to implement such training at this level. It will give one more reason to politicians to divide the country. Instead of encouraging the national spirit it will provide the people with an extra tool to make illegal forces. Moreover, Indians have the right to select, and therefore in any case government cannot force the decision on people.
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  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -Military training (05/03/18)
  • Compulsory military service is good conceptually making people ready physically and mentally for their career. It can inculcate exceedingly good habits among youths which they are usually not exposed to. Food habits and physical exercises are important to keep nation healthy, with such activities youths can achieve a lot. Indeed there are many countries who have made it compulsory for their citizen, but is it viable for country like India? We have a huge population, availing such services would require massive investment. Implementation wouldn't be a cake walk, there will be many who would voice their concern against it and will turn out to be a huge political drama. Instead, schools and colleges should have enough emphasis on fitness and sports. Children should be groom to be strong physically from their formative age. Culture of health need to be in place right from the beginning rather than a military training for mere 2-3 months. Those whose core are not strong won't be able to stand to painful military training and such institutes will have to bear the brunt of parents.
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -Chitransh gaur (01/19/18)
  • Very useful content liked this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -saroj kumar sahoo (01/31/15)
  • since india is contry where different kind of religious and rituals are maintained hence militiary has a vital role in it becase with this we can make ourself free from any kind of conflict
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -SUBHAM POLPAGEDAR (01/31/15)
  • yes, military training should be compulsory in India because in India, we are facing lack of discipline in our citizens. so after trained in military they will learn lessons of discipline and unity. in additional due to military training India will get good strength of military officers and they can protect themselves and also country in emergency. citizen will understand the value of our freedom.
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -JITTO VARGHESE (01/31/15)
  • it may be a good idea but also have disadvantage think if military training is also getting to organisation like Naxalite–Maoist it may getting worse
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -uday shankar (01/22/15)
  • it should be made compulsory but only for childrens in school&college .as india is a mixed economy everyone is runing behind money.this training will help them in understanding the social responsibility & duties towards our country . they understand
    their responsibility in the time of crisis. we can use that talent of people in emergency
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -Ujan (08/19/14)
  • This is the question of human right I know that..But in nineteen century people were very aware about their responsibility. What was the reason. Some extend I oppose this. But the solution is that military training just only physically training not ammunition train. Other wise people can miss use this training. By this training people can make their stronger not physically but also mentally. Most of the fresher are coming in corporate industry, but they do no know how to handle team. To play with life, can imagine that how much mentality need strong and also others....
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -Ritika mehrotra (08/18/14)
  • yes , providing military training would help in increasing the military members but making it compulsory in India has no value because here people want to take knowledge only from the things in which they have interest and they have to pay money so it would be better to organize it as a course and those who are interested then they could come and learn and they must also tell them the benifit of joining military .But N.C.C must be added as a compulsory subject so that everyone would be fit and in future they would be eligible for taking part in Military.(for those who are interested)
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -Deepak (08/18/14)
  • In my consideration, Military tanning is most impotent and beneficial to everyone. if you take military training then you can protect yourself. i want to say only one thing that it is most impotent for Girls & woman then man.
  • RE: Military training should be made compulsory in India. -Deepa Kaushik (07/25/14)
  • It is a nice idea to impart military training to the masses. This could be definitely helpful for the country in times of emergency. The military training is also a welcome move in terms of Indian females who lack the safety and social security living here. The evil elements will need to think a bit before going ahead with their rubbish acts.

    But forcing this training on everyone, especially in a country like India, is very difficult. We will need to go through agitations throughout the country to console people regarding the benefits of this simple step. People might come up with a fighting spirit as if their fundamental right has been snatched. Also, our country is not having a cent percent literate population. Just enforcing this on educational institutes wouldn’t cover the complete youth in India. It is highly challenging to include every youth to be a part of this programme.

    Government can try its level best to start on with this wise step. Still, they need to be prepared to face the public. On the other hand, we also need to think of the funds required for investing in setting up the training camps for such a huge population. To be precise, this humble and patriotic move will need to face lot many challenges before getting implemented.