Music Teacher CV Sample - music teacher CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a music teacher should highlight following qualities:

- Enthusiastic musician
- Excellent training skills
- Creative
- Ability to anticipate the outcomes
- Ability to assess the effectiveness of program
- Well organized
- Ability to motivate others
- Interest in continuous learning

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  • RE: Music Teacher CV Sample - music teacher CV formats / templates -Poonam Rawat (09/25/12)
  • Music teacher CV sample

    SSSS Gupta
    Mobile No: 9XXXXXXXXX

    Career Summary

    -More than 4 year experience as a music teacher.
    -I am enthusiastic about music and want to spread awareness by providing instrumental and vocal knowledge about music.

    Technical skills

    -Knowledge of all music instruments
    -Net surfing

    Personality Traits

    -Soft spoken
    -Motivational Skills

    Key Responsibilities

    -Prepare music lessons and teach students that how to read music accurately.
    -Give instructions regarding vocal and music instruments to the students.
    -Prepare students for various off campus singing competition.
    -Responsible for establishing rapport with students.
    -Responsible for providing technical knowledge of music, conduct rehearsals.
    -Monitor and evaluate the performance of all the students.
    -Responsible for arranging the various cultural activities within and outside the campus.


    -Teaches high skilled presentable students who had won state level constitutions.


    -Currently working with ABC as a Music Teacher since Jan 20**.
    -Previously working with XYZ as music instructor since 20** to till Jan 20**.

    Professional Qualification

    -Completed diploma in music from ABC University and secure 70%.
    -Completed BA in music from ABC University and secure 72%.

    Academic Qualification

    -Successfully completed Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 72%.
    -Successfully completed Sr. Secondary Examination, XYZ Board, securing 68%.

    Personal Details

    Date of Birth-19th Feb, 19XX
    Language Known-English, Hindi, French, Arabic