.Net Interview Questions - GE

1. What is ASP.NET?
a) Object oriented programming
b) Structured programming
c) Functional programming
d) Web based programming

2. What is the advantage of storing an XML file in the applications App_Data folder?
a) on direct request of HTTP the contents of the folder will not be returned
b) content will be returned on direct request of HTTP
c) Both a and b
d) None

3. What is script injection attack?

4. Can you encrypt view state data of an aspx page?
a) Yes b) No

5. What is the difference between .NET and COM components?

6. What does assemblyinfo.cs consists?
a) Build options for the project
b) Version
c) Company name
d) None of the above

7. Types of objects in ASP
a) Request Object
b) Response Object
c) Application object
d) All of the above
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