Netas Divide, Cricket Unites.

Netas Divide, Cricket Unites.

Politics and cricket are the two hot topics of our country which are discussed more. They can stir the emotions of people of all the communities. Politicians generally don't have a good reputation among masses. It is always said that the politicians make wrong use of their power to win the elections by using “divide and rule” strategy. Common man fears the politician.

On the other hand, cricket is one of the most loved sports, because of its entertainment level and media coverage. Cricketers here are treated like heroes. They become a celebrity.


1. Community-based politics: Today, the politics is in a favor of the policies which are vote driven. Politicians are not talking about the national interest, but they are shamelessly talking about the communities which give them the majority of votes. Politicians are following the same 'divide and rule' strategy followed by the Britishers. The agreement on the separation of Telangana state from Andra Pradesh is one example of community-based politics.

2. Corruption: Politicians are mainly responsible for removing corruption out of the system. However, no one takes this responsibility. As a result, corruption leads to the huge gap between rich and poor. Corrupt people do not reinvest that stolen money and this affects the country's development. Poor people are more likely to loose trust in the system thinking that the system is run by the rich people.

3. A single platform to celebrate: India is a huge country in terms of area as well as population. People in India are of various religions, speak various languages. All the different religions have different celebrations. However, we all Indians love to celebrate and cricket is the single platform, where all the Indians of different come together and celebrate.

4. Cricket is religion: India has vast numbers of religions and communities. People are attached more emotionally to their respective religions or communities. Cricket itself is considered as a religion and Sachin Tendulkar as the god by most of the people in India. Besides having various cultures, cricket is the only sport played and watched mostly all over India. Rich or poor, men or women, Hindu or Muslim, north Indian or south Indian, all the people can play cricket together.


1. Not all the politicians are bad: Sometimes even good politicians have to take resentful ways to correct things up. Politicians say bad things about the opponents not because to divide the people, but because they have to build an emotional connection to the people. They want to show people a better option. However, they prefer to call everyone as Indian under the shade of patriotism.

2. Cricket doesn't unit: In India, most of the people who love cricket are unnecessarily attached emotionally to it. When cricket team wins, we Indians make them a hero, we worship them, but if they lose, we the same people don't even think before criticizing them. Some even go further to throw stones at cricketers' house. This intolerance starts a social war between the groups of cricket fans.


Whether politics or cricket, both have their strong positive as well as negative influences on Indian society. We cannot judge politicians badly only because they are in politics. However, we as a voter have an opportunity in elections to vote the right candidate who does not give any messages on dividing India on any basis.

On the other hand, we also have to ensure that we should watch cricket only as a sport. If we attach it emotionally, obviously clashes between fans will happen. This may lead to huge hatred among the communities.
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  • RE: Netas Divide, Cricket Unites. -chinmoy (02/14/16)
  • I think that this two field are completly different.It is not a good thing to mix and match these two fields. Cricket I think is a field where we have no control.There are specific boards such as the BCCI that actuallu selects the player.So its not our choice and we can do nothing about it. But in the case of netas they are made netas by our choice and we have control over it. So while selecting netas such leaders shuold be used that has the ability to unite the nation but not divide it. I guess if that is done this this topic would be rendered obsolete.