Nightlife in Mumbai needs a comeback

Nightlife in Mumbai needs a comeback


Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, will now literally see glittering lights all night. Police commissioner Rakesh Maria has accepted the proposal to allow restaurants, pubs, bars and other food chains to serve all night. India has been lacking nightlife for long with youngsters craving parties and hangouts. Last year Bengaluru saw this change and this year Mumbai is all set to witness splendid nightlife. All major countries that attract tourists have rejuvenating time at night when cities come back to life. India, however, was presumptuous in this regard with extremists showing intolerance towards westernization, condemning pubs and discotheques.

Yes, Mumbai should have nightlife:

1. Mumbai is the entertainment hub of the country and its entertainment industry boosts the economy of the nation. Earlier Mumbai had the most vibrant nightlife which was put to stop after the riot of 1992. Allowing pubs and clubs to stay open all night would do good to their business which would comeback to boost country's economy.

2. One of the busiest and buzzing city of India, Mumbai has people working late night shifts. Some belong to the city while others are outsiders that have made this city their home to earn bread. If restaurants could remain open all night, it would be great for these late night workers to feed themselves and spend some time relaxing the stress of the day.

3. This matter was first raised last year by the Yuva Sena president Aditya Thackeray last year when he raised the question on why Mumbai cannot have an after work life to relax and eat in peace. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation cleared the proposal soon but it faced resistance in Mantralaya at the hands of Congress-NCP government. Now that the ball is in the court of BJP-Sena government, the proposal is likely to be put into action soon.

4. If the focus of the new government is on promoting businesses, they must understand the need of the city for an exciting nightlife. The financial capital of the country needs entertainment zones for its working class that stay stressed between files all day and sometimes till midnight. Those working night shifts at call centres and BPOs need eateries early morning or late night. If the timing could be liberated, it would be bliss for these people.

5. Mumbai attracts tourists and giving the city an exhilarating nightlife would boost it to a great extent. To maintain law and orders at night, imposing rules like limiting nightlife to only non-residential areas is necessary but a compete ban on nightlife was a wrong decision which needs correction.

6. The non-residentials areas like Kala Ghoda, Nariman Point, Marine Drive, Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) and Carter Road can now do business till wee hours. Commercial complexes like malls, especially those set up on mill lands, will be designated as special entertainment zones. Malls on non-mill land will also fall under this category. There is absolutely no harm in bringing about this change. For commuters, less expensive food joints will be allowed to remain open near railway stations and off highways. Along with tourism and employment, this will also boost revenues for the government.

No, Mumbai need not have nightlife:

1. Law and order could be put to stake by allowing nightlife in Mumbai. India is fighting various threats of terrorism and other disturbing acts of violence and at this point of time allowing nightlife all night can be risky. However, another opinion suggests that more people on street at night would mean lesser crimes and more safety for women which is true to a great extent.

2. Allowing bars and pubs to serve all night would encourage alcoholism and even rave parties might see an increase in the name of mere partying late night. Discotheques, as some people suggest, are not a part of the great Indian culture and should not be encouraged.

3. It is highly doubtful and confusing that a party known to practice moral policing on youngsters showing love in public is encouraging nightlife in Mumbai. Amid harmless recreation at night, there could be evil creeping behind political intentions that are never known to be so selfless and clear of filth. If they really want to bring about changes and development, why not begin with a stop on moral policing?


Nightlife in a city like Mumbai is a good idea for both the citizens and the government. In good intentions it could be brought back but only with proper cautions and maintenance of law and order. The government must ensure that security is augmented along with this step. These nightlife zones should get proper surveillance of CCTV cameras and policing. Along with this, there should be strict monitoring to ensure that no illegal activity gets carried out amidst harmless recreation.
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  • RE: Nightlife in Mumbai needs a comeback -Deepa Kaushik (02/25/15)
  • There is no problem in having nightlife in Mumbai as far as the place is secure and safe for the citizens, be that be VIPs, cinestars or common man. every person comes to the equal scale in terms of life and death. The biggest concern in Nightlife in the present era is the increasing aggression and rage especially amongst the youth. The unemployment is like a spice added over to increase the threat of nightlife.

    When we talk of nightlife, the first thought that comes to our mind is the night pubs and parties. The over-socialization and drinking is not only the extract of nightlife. It is acceptable that these things are the cause of utmost concern to start up the nightlife. The person usually loses self-control after the hangover of hard-drinks and parties which ends up in undue crimes across the city.

    But, in the present era of MNCs where the organizations run round the clock, irrespective of the timings, to serve the respectable countries and citizens as their customer care, we cannot deny these forced workers in the night shifts being devoid of their basic requirements. These people do live their life mostly in the nights when every outlet is closed. The eating outlets like the restaurants and tuck-shops are the more looked to ones. With the start of Nightlife in Mumbai, these night shift people might find a pleasure at their work atmosphere.

    We can understand the safety and security point especially for the women these days with the start of night life. At the same time, the nightlife may lead to a bit busy and lively note in certain areas which could be overlooked for the crimes that take place in the dark abandoned regions. Though we have our own set of pros and cons for the come back of Nightlife in Mumbai, yet we can hope for a positive outlook amongst the people who love the Nightlife.