"No conflict of interest" clause will improve the cricket!

"No conflict of interest” clause will improve the cricket!


The “conflict of interest” has always been one of the main issues with the BCCI office bearers.

Recently, BCCI made an announcement stating that it is mandatory for all the players to sign the “No conflict of interest” agreement.

People on the board cannot have any certain interests. The main aim of the declaration is to make it clear that no one in the board should have any sort of commercial interests in the game.

Recently, Jagmohan Dalmiya, BCCI chief said that the board would, first create the rules for the administrators and then the players. Earlier, the “no conflict of interest” declaration was to be signed by all the associations. And now, it applies to the players as well.

But, do you think that the “no conflict of interest” would improve the cricket?

Yes – It would be beneficial for cricket.

Reputation – The “no conflict of interest” will help the BCCI to gain back their lost reputation. BCCI was under a lot of questions during the IPL scam.

Concentration – This declaration will help the players to concentrate more on their playing skill rather than getting indulged in any sort of commercial interest.

Escape from controversies – Recently Mahendra Singh Dhoni was accused of having a stake in the Rhiti Sports. Even former BCCI president, N. Srinivasan came under the scanner for buying a IPL team – Chennai Super Kings.

Transparency – The undertaking of “no conflict of interest”, will bring about a transparency in the functioning of BCCI. This would also ensure that the reputation of the board is being secured.

No – It would not improve the cricket

No need for the law – Most players believe that such a declaration should not be signed by the players. According to them, winning the game at the end, is all that matters.

Affects all – The signing of such a declaration would affect not just one player, but all the players of a team. This would be a kind of depression rather than a sort of encouragement.

Losing the matches – This declaration might not be beneficial for the sport “cricket'. It may under estimate the players and thus, it would prevent the players from performing well .


BCCI is one of the richest cricket boards across the world. It is a right decision to implement the “No conflict of Interest” declaration.

After getting involved in a lot of scams, the time has come, wherein BCCI has to regain its lost reputation.

It is a good step to make all the players sign the declaration as it would also enhance a transparency in the system.
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  • RE: "No conflict of interest" clause will improve the cricket! -Deepa Kaushik (08/05/15)
  • "No conflict of interest" is definitely an appreciable move by BCCI. After going through the series of blame game following the IPL knock-out, such a strong step has become the need of the hour. This rule is already applicable to the administrators and now it is the time of the players to come upfront to sign this deal.

    'No conflict of interest' is just like a pact to keep the cricket out of commercial interest which often lures the players and other memebers of the board and gradually drags them down to the illegal measures, spoiling the image of the board as well as the charm of the gamke. In a country like India, where the players have huge fan club and they keep these players as ideal for their lives, it becomes the social responsibility of the players to keep-up the dignity and prestige.

    Signing this deal would just keep players out of thelure of commercial benefits. Rest, the players can enjoy the same zeal of the game. Players should not forget the fact that they entered the field of cricket to satisfy their interest and desire for the sport, and not for the commercial front. They need to create their image in their game for which they are being paid for.

    If the board feels like encouraging the players with some incentives, they can havce new plans and ideas to implement more beneficiaries to the performing players in the field. Hence, it is definitely a good idea to come up with"No conflict of Interest" in cricket for the players.
  • RE: "No conflict of interest" clause will improve the cricket! -RATAN SRIVASTAVA (08/03/15)
  • The "No conflict of interest " should only be issued to the office bearers and not the players.This is because it is a source of motivation for the players not only in cricket but other sports too.Money is always an encouragement for anyone if players are not provided if this facilities it might hinder their performance.As we have seen a lot of complaints has come from non -cricketers about their pay,the organization must put restriction on their earnings from commercial interest but at the same time should open ways for their benefit.