No work no pay policy should be implemented for Parliamentarians!

No work no pay policy should be implemented for Parliamentarians!

No work no pay policy should be implemented for Parliamentarians!

The Winter Session of Parliament has continually and incessantly been disrupted over demonetization, with no work being done at all. There has been no business in there except hurling allegations and shaky comments at each other. And, these are the people making the most of money, legit or not.

It was proposed last year by aviation ministry and people wholeheartedly supported the policy of no work no pay to be implemented for parliamentarians. This would help them keep calm if not anything else. The whole of the nation functions on this basis. Why should it be any different for politicians?


1. Wasted time isn’t coming back: Lok Sabha wasted a total of 92 hours and functioned to some extent only for 19 hours. Rajya Sabha saw a waste of 86 hours and did some work for only 22 hours. How many of the other jobs would give you a paid wasted hour of this extent? None it is. These are the people who are running the nation and this is how much they value time.

2. Public’s money: They are paid from our money, the taxes we pay on every single entity goes on to add to their luxurious no work yet ludicrously paid system. It is about time we start giving importance to our much hard earned money and put a stop to this nonsensical waste of work hour at the parliament on every single issue. If there is a problem, these are the people that are paid to sit down and come to a conclusion instead of playing political games.

3. If one can, so can all: Biju Janata Dal (BJD) MP Baijyant Panda recently announced that he would be returning the salary proportional to the time wasted in Parliament. The move garnered praise and is well received by people. If one can initiate for the better future of our nation, it is about time we make this into a policy for the others to abide by it too.

4. Hurling absurdities is no work: Name calling, protesting to the extent that no one else is able to put forth their views, throwing chairs, coming naked to the session and what not. You name them and our parliamentarians have done that. They obviously believe that this is also some sort of work while complaining that the other party isn’t letting them work.

5. It won’t stop for anything else: There have been various appeals by President and other prominent leaders that disruption shouldn’t be tolerated but our politicians are good at turning a deaf ear whenever possible. If not for this policy, there is nothing else that will end this system of disrupting parliament to the extent that nothing productive is done in the entire session.

6. Our Representatives: These are people who have been voted and sent as representatives to discuss the various problems faced by our nation and to come to a conclusion on it. Unfortunately, the only thing they do is quarrel about it to prove how the other party is wrong or take a good nap unless the session is over and they can go home to collect their lavish package at the start of the month.


1. They are meant to debate: When you have a system where opposition has the role of keeping the ruling government in check, debates are bound to happen. When you choose MPs and MLAs who are unqualified and uncultured enough to go to the lowest extent of hurling allegations and disrupting the whole house, this is what you asked for. There is no changing that, not even with the ‘no work no pay’ policy.

2. Because they all want to work: The most prominent of complaints they make is that while they are absolutely dying to work, it is the other party that doesn’t want them to work and is creating hurdles, tempting them to indulge in brawl, and what not. It will be difficult to determine who is and who isn’t there is to work. Some of the really sincere people will also become a part of this since no work will be done if some of them lead to disruptive measures.

3. Dominating: No work no pay would make the ruling government dictatorial. They would threaten the opposition with this weapon and wouldn’t allow them to make any sort of protest over the bills they want to pass. Demonetization, for instance, is a real issue that is the getting the much required protest. Keeping calm about it would be like overlooking the worries of common people.

No work no pay seems like the most rational solution to end wastage of parliament sessions at the hands of MPs who would protest at every measure the government takes. They feel like it’s their job to hurl allegations at the ruling party no matter what. Disrupted sessions are a big loss and the only way to tackle it is the no work no pay policy.
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  • RE: No work no pay policy should be implemented for Parliamentarians! -No work no pay - group discussion (04/19/18)
  • Parliament is a temple of our country, shaming it by not allowing to function is a big concern. Reforms take shape from parliament, if decision making slows down because of ruckus created by law makers, nation won't be able to achieve any objectives. No pay no work can be a solution to inhibit such situation but it's not an ideal solution. Debate and protests are part and parcel of democracy, any efforts to contain them would be devastating and can be equated emergency like situation. It's a responsibility of ruling party to safeguard the sanctity of parliament and manage it to ensure fruitful functioning. The stats should be released before the election for people to decide their votes. The attendance of each Parliamentarian should be transparent to all of us. There should be some checks and balances to ensure maximum output
  • RE: No work no pay policy should be implemented for Parliamentarians! -Jaya Priyadarshini (12/23/16)
  • Yes, I too agree with this that good work should be appreciated. If one is not honest in his or her work, why they will be paid. They should be penalized.

    Parliament runs for eighty days during sessions. Each day, business is conducted for six hours. If we take into account the total annual expenditure on Parliament, then each minute of running the House costs Rs. 2.5 lakh.

    Anyhow, Directly or Indirectly we are only paying this amount. We pay taxes for the social property like road tax, tourism and each and every places we pay tax, to get the better service but we cannot see anymore development in road or elsewhere.

    Then it's a big question that where all this money goes.

    Of course it goes to there to politicians, They are paid from our money, the taxes we pay on every single entity goes on to add to their luxurious no work yet, so no work no money is a good policy.
  • RE: No work no pay policy should be implemented for Parliamentarians! -Bharti (12/22/16)
  • Why should only politians have the fun? A good work should be incentivised and no work should be penalised. Yes, there is no single company who pays for lost hour. We have been witnessing parliament logjam, disruption and the practice is on the rise. Politicians are riding on our money, not fulfilling the duty that they are meant for, stop the functioning of parliament for their vested interest, should have no rights to claim the money for the wasted hour. Salary cut won't solve the problem, they should be made liable to pay for all the amenities and facilties they enjoy during sessions. Those who indulge in disruption and brawl should get a stern punishment.