Non-mandatory vaccines help doctors earn heavy profits!

Non-mandatory vaccines help doctors earn heavy profits!

Non-mandatory vaccines help doctors earn heavy profits!

While DPT, BCG, Measles, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid have been made mandatory by the government and can be administered at government hospitals for free, the rest are available only at private clinics and hospitals where doctors can rip a big hole into your pocket administering these.

The medical council of India has banned doctors from taking gifts of more than Rs 1000 to ensure that companies don’t lure them into selling these vaccines to vulnerable new parents.

The above table clearly shows how much doctors earn out of vaccination for children. It could almost pass for an industry. Medical companies that manufacture these drugs leave no stones turned when it comes to looping all the private clinics and hospitals into badgering new parents to buy all these vaccines. While some people go by the rule of sticking to only the government authorized vaccines only and ignoring the rest, most new parents are who see a private hospital pediatrician are manipulated into getting the entire package.


1. Side effects: There have been several cases of fatal side effects and life-threatening allergic reactions to some of the vaccines. A study has found that most of the newly introduced vaccines carry this risk and yet doctors prescribe them in the list of mandatory vaccines.

2. Unnecessary: Chickenpox vaccines make no sense at all. They do not in any way ensure that the child will remain immune from the contagious infection that is only normal. They are treated easily. The same goes without saying for measles, rubella and rotavirus. When medicines can be used to treat these when the child catches the infection, it is nothing but money making strata for doctors when they list these.

3. Harmful in ingredients: Some experts condemn vaccines for the following ingredients they contain:
  • Aluminum: in excess can cause neurological disorders
  • Formaldehyde: is a sort of carcinogen, responsible for cancer
  • Glutaraldehyde: can cause asthma and respiratory disorders.
  • CTMB: can be irritating to skin, eyes and respiratory organs.
  • 2-phenoxyethanol: can cause kidney disorders.
  • Chicken egg protein: can be fatal for those who are allergic to eggs.
  • Yeast protein: can cause migraine, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.
4. Manipulating people: Instead of vaccines being a choice for parents and caretakers, it has been made mandatory, some by government and others by doctors. Most of them are unnecessary and yet taking advantage of the vulnerability of parents in the name of right healthcare of their children, doctors make money forgetting all ethics and morals.

5. Unnatural immunity: A research has found that unnatural immunity against diseases is least effective in comparison to natural immunity. Some of the natural infections are necessary to strengthen the natural immunity of the body to fight against diseases. That is one of the reason it is advised to not give antibiotic to children unless absolutely necessary.

6. Have you heard of yearly influenza vaccine? The vaccine for as simple an infection as influenza even has been made available. When you go to the medical practitioners, they propose you the yearly vaccine for influenza. Influenza is a self containing infection that doesn’t really need you to shell out the money to prevent yourself from it.

7. Painless vaccines - Painless vaccines which are comparatively costlier than their normal variants are also a fad these days, taking advantage of the feelings of the new parents. Most of the vaccines given to infants are not so painful that they will keep the child awake for nights. Again, a money minting exercise!


1. Choice: Doctors at private clinics and hospitals don’t force new parents to administer all the vaccines to children. They only present to them the options that are widely trending in the country. It is totally wrong to shift the entire blame on doctors. Companies are making these vaccines and they are being promoted worldwide.

2. It goes deep: In 2014, a vaccine for rotavirus (which is said to kill thousands of children every year from diarrhea) was given to 1400 children as part of Phase III trials done by government healthcare departments. Serum Institute of India was the sponsor of this trial and promised to bear expenses or compensation if the children suffered any harm or death. Cases of fatalities surfaced but died down without any conclusion.

3. WHO reports: According to World Health Organization reports, vaccines and immunization save an estimated 2 to 3 million deaths every year. 19.4 million Infants are still missing on the basic vaccines and if this could be covered, an additional 1.5 million lives could be saved with the help of vaccines. They are not useless stuff just for money making.

4. Companies are not regulated: There are no rules and guidelines for pharmaceutical companies to not manufacture unnecessary vaccines for children. They make these vaccines to make huge profits. Doctors are just in line where the profit flows from people to these companies.

5. There are honest doctors: The whole medical fraternity can’t be blamed. There do exist honest doctors who not only inform the parents about the new vaccines available in the market but also tell them how they are actually unrequired.

Viruses in computers are also a product of the same anti-virus making companies to sell out their products, a study allegedly says.

The same goes for diseases and pharmaceutical companies. Unnecessary vaccines could be causing heath issues that later develop into diseases that suck money for treatment.
New parents need to be wise and not fall into the lure of vaccines to keep their child free of diseases. Government should make regulations to prevent unnecessary vaccines from being promoted.
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  • RE: Non-mandatory vaccines help doctors earn heavy profits! -Sheetal Jha (12/29/16)
  • Some vaccines are mandatory and they are cheap in market. There are many not required vaccines that suck money and poise many health issues. The demand of unnecessary vaccines are on the fly as many doctors consider them earnestly required to be given to newly born babies. Such vaccines should be grounded and banned from the market, or allowed to be prescribe under special condition.