Non-vegetarian diet should be banned

Non-vegetarian diet should be banned

Non-vegetarian diet should be banned because:

a.) It is inhuman to kill animals
b.) All the nutrients that are obtained from a non-veg diet can be obtained from a veg diet.

Do you agree or disagree? Why?

I do not agree that non-vegetarian diet should be banned. I don’t think Government should decide what a person should eat and what he should not. Spreading awareness and promotional campaigns about a particular form of diet is fine but the ultimate decision has to be that of the individual himself.

Moreover, taste and liking for a particular type of food should be free from religious bias. Unfortunately, in a country like India, the food habits are dependent on religious believes. For example, majority of Hindus believe that, “Non-vegetarianism is demonic and cruel” by nature. Hence, the Hindu Dharma prohibits consumption of non-vegetarian food.

Man has been created in such a way that he has an inclination towards eating meat. I agree that excess of everything is bad and hence, over consumption of non – vegetarian food has its side effects also. But the role of the Government should be to spread awareness about these side effects but it cannot decide on behalf of its citizens what they should not be eating. Also, it cannot be denied that non – vegetarian food contains huge amounts of proteins and calcium and if consumed in moderation, helps to fight various deficiencies and strengthens the immune system as well.

It is a strange fact that in Hinduism, animals were killed outside the temples and the killing was justified as a sacrifice made towards a particular God or Goddess in the name of “bali”.
The same religion curses non-vegetarianism since it involves killing of animals.

Though India is independent now, but beef eating is not only considered a taboo, but it has been made illegal in many states. The question that has never been answered is “who made cow a more special or sacred animal than horse, sheep or dog?” God had created all of them equal. Then why does Brahmins and Government decide in India, what should be eaten with pride and what should not be touched.

There is a lot of hypocrisy going on in the name of food and religion. Our choice of food should depend upon our taste and what our body needs, rather than what our religion promotes and if one feels like consuming non – vegetarian food, he should do that freely, as it is his right.
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  • RE: Non-vegetarian diet should be banned -Rocky (02/22/18)
  • Plants and trees are also living beings we should ban that diet also because all are created equal what if they cant move,talk and express themselves
  • RE: Non-vegetarian diet should be banned -Rishika Jalan (04/17/14)
  • I totally agree that non-vegetarian diet should be banned and all should convert to vegetarianism. What sense does it make to raise an animal, feed it till it becomes the appropriate size and then slaughter it in the market to provide its’ meat to the public to eat. At the end of the day animals like humans are also living beings. The only difference is that they don’t speak the human language. God has made both humans and animals as living beings, and we humans have no right to kill animals just to satisfy our taste buds. How inhuman can we be to do that? Also the fact that a non vegetarian diet provides a lot of nutrients in comparison to a vegetarian diet is not true. Plants offer a much higher level of vitamins and minerals. And it is much easier and cheaper to grow plants than to raise live stocks. It requires a lot of money to raise farm animals and is very costly for the country’s economy. Thus, in order to behave human and not act selfish and ruthless, we should ban non vegetarian diets and should follow vegetarian diets as it is equally or probably more healthy. Humans should convert form omnivores to herbivores.