One rank one pension - a betrayal plan or a fair promise?

One rank one pension - a betrayal plan or a fair promise?


Narendra Modi government celebrated the completion of one year with huge listings over the achievements but some promises have continued to remain unfulfilled and have again and again agitated citizens. The latest one to draw attention is the one rank one pension (OROP) scheme which was announced last year but hasn't seen daylight yet. Some patiently waited for the commencement while others debated over its fairness. Paramilitary forces have their own grievances and the armed forces are about to lose patience. Veterans are boycotting government functions. Over two million ex-servicemen are agitated over their unfulfilled demands while defence minister Manohar Parrikar is trying to assure that the plan will soon be implemented.

Betrayal plan:

1. Since the year 2009, army veterans have expressed immense displeasure over this issue. Modi, who was rallying for the Lok Sabha elections last year had slammed Congress of "playing a farce with the Armed Forces." He had states that a number of times, the Finance Minister of Congress had made announcements about One Rank One Pension (OROP) but never fulfilled it. After immense criticism for the opposition, Modi had promised that he would get the scheme implement but ignored it the whole year and after.

2. He said that congress had 10 budgets to implement this scheme but it did not and that BJP could only do it. Budget 2015 has been passed. In the July 2014 Budget, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had announced an allocation of Rs 1000 crore for this scheme but the same was nowhere to be seen in budget 2015. Where did the allocated amount go last year?

3. On 17 February 2015, the Supreme Court directed the Centre to implement its six-year-old verdict to follow the One Rank One Pension scheme reminding BJP of its pre-poll promise made to the people. To mark the first anniversary of the new government, Modi should have announced the commencement of the one rank one pension scheme in the Mathura rally but he did not even bring it up, further disappointing ex-servicemen.

4. Even after resentment and boycotts of government functions by army veterans, PM and defence ministry is only trying to assure that the plan is "on its way" without giving out a date when the scheme would be implemented. If the government has been so serious about the implementation of this scheme, why hasn't there been a conclusion yet?

5. Modi has recently been heard saying that there is a difference between the definitions of the one rank one pension scheme. He also stated that it was crucial for them to put down the right definition to avoid any confusion. When he was not even sure of the definition of the scheme, how could he condemn the former government for the same and made promises of bringing in this change in his rule?
6. Delay in the implementation of the scheme was termed "breach of trust” and a "betrayal” to 6.45 lakh widows of war heroes, 24 lakh ex-servicemen and 15 lakh serving servicemen. Army personnel are loosing morale and the government, both former and present are to be blamed for this. The army had high hopes on the BJP government to listen to their pleas that have long been ignored but now they are beginning to feel cheated.

Fair Promise:

1. Officials within the ministry of defence have been against the implementation of OROP, owing to financial, administrative and legal impediments. The same applies now when the new government is trying to bring the situation under control. As expected other employees like paramilitary forces are also beginning to demand OROP and the government has to be considerate of all these factors before jumping in with a firm decision.

2. As pointed out by TOI it's a huge task to pass all the benefits, with no cut-off date, to all living ex-servicemen. The government obviously doesn't want to make a blunder in its financial status. The delay is only to establish common terms on which the scheme could be implemented along with meeting the expenses.

3. PM Modi has talked about his idea of keeping everyone pleased when the scheme is finally launched. In order to keep everyone happy, the government is taking time to ensure that the scheme does not seem like a biased decision to the other government employees. A hasty decision would only raise more demands and controversies for no good reasons.

4. PM and defence ministry have assured that the scheme is being seriously considered by the government and they will fulfil the promises made during elections. In his Mann Ki baat program, Modi has talked about his sincerity in implementing the program soon after the differences have been meted out. Ex-servicemen have for long waited for this scheme to be implemented but have gained nothing but this time there is definitely hope calling them to have some more patience.


One rank one pension scheme is the right of servicemen and ex-servicemen who have risked or are still risking their lives to ensure that the county remains safe. They lost their lives and their families have been made to wait for a long time for the promises made by the government. This can be discouraging for youth who want to join Indian army and those who are already in the position. The government should understand the current state of mind of army men who have long waited for this and are beginning to lose hopes. If the government is actually dedicated about implementation of OROP, they should hurry or at least announce a date for the commencement of the scheme.
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  • RE: One rank one pension - a betrayal plan or a fair promise? -Deepa Kaushik (06/09/15)
  • One rank one pension scheme is a long awaited plan by out great military men. After such a long wait nobody would accept it to be a fair promise. What matters whether it is UPA Government or the NDA one. As far as the fulfilment of the promise is concerned, both have acted in the same way.

    PM Modi threw huge balls to oppose the UPA Government and their inability to fulfil the orders in the long term during his pre-election campaign. Now, it is one year successfully completed by NDA Government. PMModi has got time for various projects and foreign visits to drag in some business; but he is in short of time to fulfil this promise dome to our great soldiers and our martyrs.

    Modi has almost forgotten or has consciously slipped this topic from addresing in his latest speeches. Even if he is unable to committ a date of commencement of this scheme, he should be obiliged to quote the action taken in this years' span in getting this to completion. Giving the excuse of definition is a very lame excuse which he should have ideally observed before promising in the pre-election campaign.

    If we can't call it a betrayal plan as the NDA Government is still in power and have time to fulfil their promise, yet it is highly unfair ontheir part as they are unable to meet their commiitments on time