Our dependence on computers in increasing day by day

Our dependence on computers in increasing day by day

Our dependence on computers in increasing day by day. Right from running a hospital to a railway system or a plane, we are depepndent on computers. Do you think, our life will become more dependent on computers as technology advances. Is this dependence good for our overall development? Give reason.

It is true that our dependence on computers is increasing day and day. Also, I believe that with rapid advancements in technology, our dependence on computers will increase further. Everything has its own share of positives and negatives. Though technology has made our life easier and more convenient, too much dependence or addiction to anything is bad.

At present, not only official work but lot of personal work is also done on computers. I think that at least our dependence on computers for personal work should be reduced. For example, on birthdays, instead of posting greeting cards and postcards, we have started sending e-cards. This reduced the personal bonding as everything has become so mechanised.

Even technology has become the sole source of entertainment both for children and adults from playing a PS3 to watching a movie online, everything is technology driven and everything is done by sitting at one place. Social networking and online shopping have made things even worse. Hence, relying too much on computers have made the life style very sedentary and increased health problems all over the world. Child obesity is spreading like an epidemic.

One should not forget that advancements in technology also include advancements in the number and quality of malicious hackers and viruses. Technological security has always been a great issue and will grow with every new development in the field of technology.

However, when used in moderation and for important things, technology can be seen only as a blessing. It is true that technology has changed our life. Distance education and ability to communicate worldwide are some benefits of technology which are incomparable and should be tapped to the maximum. The problem arises when technology becomes an addiction and is being used for all unnecessary purposes, starts wasting time and ruins the social life of people.

It can be concluded that technology will continue to grow and it has the potential to serve our life in various important fields like education etc. It is upto us that whether we want to use it as a tool and extract only benefits from it or whether we want to become its slaves and extract the side effects too.
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  • RE: Our dependence on computers in increasing day by day -rishika jalan (04/14/14)
  • Yes, I agree with this that our dependence on computers is increasing day by day. In a modern world like now, computers are very essential and we are surrounded by computers everywhere, at home, work place, school, malls and others places. All our daily activities are dependent on computer and the internet.
    As soon as a child arrives from school he or she runs to the computer and starts surfing the net or plays games. At the time of studies and homework if one gets stuck at something, then instead of trying to solve that he instantly google's the answer and does not even try to solve it himself. For all our work we are too dependent on the emails, video chats and others. No matter how much we try we cannot run away from these devices and cannot imagine a day in our life without it. We store all our important information and details on the computer and once if it gets crashed then we are helpless and feel handicapped.
    This is what computers have done to human lives. Their increasing use has made human race handicapped. Technology has been made to make life simple but not so that human lives cannot do anything on their own without its help.