Outdoor Skills Teacher CV Sample - Outdoor skills teacher CV formats / templates

An effective CV of an outdoor skills teacher should highlight following qualities:

- Good physical stamina
- Safety conscious
- Disciplined
- Tough
- Fair
- Understanding
- Observant
- Well organized
- High Self confidence
- Good communication skills

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  • Outdoor skill teacher CV sample

    Sameer XXXX
    Contact: XXXXX
    Mail Id: XXXXX@yahoo.com


    Seeking a position as a outdoor skill teacher to use my skills in the development of the students and making them strong in other skills rather than educational.

    Personal Skills

    -Good stamina and patience.
    -Good knowledge of natural area and environment.
    -Good leadership skills.
    -Good team handling.
    -Sound knowledge of organizing the outdoor programs and trips.


    Organization: XXXXXXX

    Designation: Outdoor skill teacher

    Job Summary:

    -Organizing outdoor programs for the students.
    -Teaching about the environment and natural things.
    -Conducting subject class outside to make subjects interesting.
    -Organizing events outside in the vacation.
    -Responsible for the safety of the students.
    -Teaching them safety rules and to follow them.
    -Organizing outdoor games.
    -Organizing training program.
    -Involved completely including planning, execution and completion of the events and programs.
    -Keeping records and reports of all the outings and outdoor events.
    -Observing the students making their reports and submitting to the respective teachers.
    -Coordinating with the parents to make them confident that their children are safe.
    -Giving feedback to the parents.

    Educational background

    -Graduate in arts with history from XXXXX University in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Diploma in environmental studies from XXXX institute.
    -Higher secondary passed from XXXX school with XX %.


    -Watching programs on discovery and national geography.
    -Reading environment related books and articles.

    Personal details

    Date of birth: XX/XX/XXXX
    Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXX
    Address: XXXXXX