Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking

Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking

Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking. So, smoking should be banned.
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I completely agree to the fact that passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking and smoking should be overall banned. It is a very sad reality that you don’t need to smoke yourself to acquire lung cancer or a heart disorder. The smoke from someone else’s cigarette has much potential to affect your health in adverse ways. This is the dangerous reality behind passive smoking. It is more harmful since it cannot be controlled. Due to smoking in a particular zone, the entire atmosphere in that area gets contaminated due to which the health of non-smokers starts getting impacted.

Moreover the smoke which is inhaled in passive smoking is called the side stream smoke. It is the smoke which comes from the burning end of the cigarette. At the burning end of the cigarette, the combustion takes place at a much lower temperature; hence, the half burnt chemicals that are released into the atmosphere are much more carcinogenic in nature. Also, sidestream smoke contains very small sized particles and due to their very small size, they easily percolate deeper into the lungs. Hence, passive smoking causes much more serious effects than active smoking.

BBC news on March 04, 2014 reported a research conducted by medical experts which revealed that “Passive smoking causes lasting damage to children's arteries, prematurely ageing their blood vessels by more than three years”. This is an alarming fact and cannot be ignored. By putting the health of young children at stake, we are putting the health of entire society at stake.

State and Central Governments are responsible for formulating the rules related to smoking and successfully implementing them.

There is a widespread scientific consensus that exposure to passive smoking is very harmful. Hence, organizations like World Health organization are becoming increasing vigilant about the same. For example, recently the Governments of 168 nations have signed and currently 174 have ratified “The World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control”.

Increasing awareness followed by such initiatives at national and international levels will help to address the issue. Also, non – smokers should be made aware about the harmful effects of passive smoking so that they can also take precautions from their end like standing away from smokers in public spaces, or reminding the smoker not to smoke in public etc. These little steps can also make a huge difference. Right to a healthy environment is a basic right and smokers should not be allowed to take it away from the citizens.
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  • RE: Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking -sanjay (12/07/14)
  • i think passive smoking is very harmful than active smoking bcz 1 of my frend facing these problem so i always suggest stay away from active smoker :)
  • RE: Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking -Sunny (09/19/14)
  • I don't think that passive smoking is much more harmful than active smoking. This is because a person who is an active smoker is more likely to suffer from serious health problems later on in his life rather than the person who is a passive smokers. Passive smokers can take measures like staying away from a person who smokes actively, ensure that they don't get affected by active smoking. On the other hand, most of the active smokers are deeply addicted to smoking and are unable to resist their temptation to smoke. They are the ones who suffer direct consequences of smoking. Therefore, Active smoking is more harmful than passive smoking
  • RE: Passive smoking is more harmful than active smoking -Teena Bhatia (09/10/14)
  • Passive smoking is commonly termed as second home smoke as the person don’t smokes directly but inhales cigarette smoke released by smokers. It is more fatal than the mainstream smoke when inhaled as the smoke coming releasing from the end side of cigarette has more concentration of cancer particles. The smokers take in the puff through the filter that eliminates some of the harmful toxins. The smoke released from cigarette stays in the atmosphere for a long time and negatively affects the people surrounding smokers. The released smoke has smaller particles which find an easy way into the body’s cells. Moreover, it’s just not the smoke resulting into health problem. The residue that stays in smokers clothes, hair, cushions, carpets and other places can pose a health threat to people’s lives. As per a survey, almost 600,000 people die worldwide from passive smoking.

    Children are most badly affected by passive smoking. Second hand smoke exposure in children can lead to severe health associated risks. The sudden infant death syndrome is found most in children whose mothers smoke. Kids can develop several respiratory problems like pneumonia and bronchitis. Also, second hand smoke triggers asthma in children who have breathing problems. The other health problems associated with second hand smoke are coughs and colds, meningitis, ear problems like otitis media which can even result in hearing loss. Apart from health problems, children are inclined to smoke at an early age. The probability of smoking in such children is three times more than the average rate. The parents will find it impossible to make children understand the harmful effects of smoking. So, it is better to take a step today and leave smoking, for your own health and for the health of non-smokers who want to enjoy their life with good health.