Pathankot terror attack: More peace talks or retaliation?

Pathankot terror attack: More peace talks or retaliation?


When we talk of Pakistan, the first thing that comes to mind is mistrust and this is not something that the colonial rule left us with while on the run. This mistrust comes from the post-independence history of our neighbor always on a mission to create havoc and bloodshed in our country. It comes from the broken trusts after peace talks. It comes from the breaking of ceasefires that took innocent lives, plundered families and village altogether.

The very recent of their age old pattern of betrayal came when the Pathankot airbase was attacked by terrorists breeding and brooding in Pakistan and the government of Pakistan always denying their involvement with the terror groups. This is not going to stop unless Pakistan takes responsibility of sequestering these elements. Pakistan has never done that and will never have the courage to do that. But then, will India always lose soldiers and lives of common people at the hand of these pretenders? Isn’t it about time that we retaliate and not just settle with meaningless peace talks?

The families of our martyred soldiers need to be answered and it has to be ensured that we learnt our lessons. We must make sure that they did not die for nothing. The sacrifices of our soldiers should seal the deal between these nations and their deaths should be avenged – Pakistan or these self-proclaimed terror organizations – they must pay the price.


1. Pakistan will never ever stop being a hypocrite and will be continued to be run by ISI. When the government is bound under terror links, a government that could not protect the lives of school children and teachers from these terrorists is handicapped. Pakistan, the country that could not realize the gem Malala Yousafzai is, can do absolutely nothing to support India against terrorism. It is definitely time to show them that these attacks will have proper and suitable retaliation from our side.

2. Ever since independence, we have been trying the Good Samaritan way of peace talks and hugs and greets from our PMs giving them surprise visits but to what effect? History will attest to the fact that whenever an Indian Prime Minister visited Pakistan to bridge the gap between the nations, terror agents from across the borders have created menace in our country. Our efforts to bring peace via talks have been futile and it is time we resort to other ways.

3. Terror organizations in Pakistan have always played safe and we thought peace talks with the aristocrats would work. What Pakistan needs is pressure from around the world which is only possible if India stops these peace talks and declares war against terror supporting nation of Pakistan. These nations would support India in combing terrorism from Pakistan the same way as Israel has been treating Palestine. This way other nations would also build pressure on retaliating with these terror outfits. It is about time we start treating Pakistan the way we treated Myanmar when the situation called for it.

4. Our capacity to tolerate attacks and yet continue with peace talks are making us appear soft and negligent on the safety of our citizens. We have the power needed to show these traitors the other side of our “ganga-jamna tehzeeb.” They must know that we will not tolerate terrorism at any cost and perhaps this will give a strong message to Pakistan that they need to stop dreaming Kashmir via these anti-social elements of their hypocrisy.

5. The statistics of these terror attacks show that our our peace talks with Pakistan make no difference at all. Years ago when we stopped the peace talks, the attacks still continued. Pakistan seems to do nothing about the Talibans and other such Afghan links in their country. Our peace talks would teach them nothing until they are strongly condemned by the world powers to take action of be ready to face the wrath of these nations. This would only happen if we declare that the talks could bear no result and that India is no longer going to have worthless discussions with a handicapped government.

Peace talks:

1. Peace talks can only ensure peace and harmony between the two nations. At this crucial moment, if we cancel the peace meets, the doubts will keep growing endlessly. As neighbors sharing borders and if Pakistan is to be believed, mutual motives of fighting terrorism, we need to work together and continue bilateral dialogues.

2. The attack came just after PM Modi’s visit to Pakistan, which makes it more mandatory of them to carry the research carefully and tackle the terror base growing in their country if they need to continue good relations with India and other countries. No nation would support Pakistan if it fails continuously in doing justice to India’s trust in peace talks with this nation despite the enmity and breaking of promises at regular intervals.

3. Our peaceful ways of handling problems is an example to the powerful countries. We do not believe in harming innocents for the bad deeds of a particular terror organization. Bombing people like the world powers have been doing to the third world countries is not India’s way of handling these kind of threats. We do not lose our calm and put the lives of people at stake. Once we retaliate, the same would be expected to come from the other side too. These are wise reasons why we should stick to peace talks.

4. Creating tension and flare of war between the two nations is exactly what these terror organizations want. For all we know, Nawaz Sharif might not be the man behind these attacks since it brings shame to them if the act is operated from their land. Stopping peace talks and resorting to weapons will only fulfil the dream of these sociopaths. They will take the advantage of the situation and both the countries will have to pay in some way or the other.


In the past, we stopped the peace talks after the attacks. The world powers got involved but to no other effect than trying to bring the two nations to have bilateral talks. We initiated the talk procedure hoping that our politeness would bring a change. But that did not seem to work on these fat-headed mongers.

We need to firm our stand against these kind of violent attacks coming from those taking shelters across the borders. Our stand must bring the world powers to ponder on the destruction caused by these menaces and our concern against terrorism.
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  • RE: Pathankot terror attack: More peace talks or retaliation? -tuhina shah (01/17/16)
  • Its definately time for retaliation now. Its either once ,twice or thrice...but performing the same shamefull deed again and again is beyond tolerance.Since independence..we have seen thousands of families fall apart.If the pakistan government ,inspite of knowing about the parasites living in their country is unwilling to take any action against any of what positive effects will our peace talks make on them ?Hence the only solution left is RETALIATION so that atleast we can look forward for the safety of our nation.India is already ahead of the neighboring country in all terms..and we are absolutely capable of defending ourselves against those monsters performing cowardice acts.All these will atleast give some kind of relief to the families of matyred soldiers...not leaving their sacrifices useless...