Pay packages for finance management professionals.

What is salary package that I should expect if I am planning to become a financial professional in one of the fields related to finance?

Basically the salary range varies from jobs to jobs, from sectors to sectors. But the typical starting salary starts from Rs. 20,000/- per month and goes to Rs. 30,000/- per month as a fresher. Average starting salaries in the banking and finance sector are as high as Rs. 35,000/-per month rising to Rs. 45,000/-per month in the investment banking sector. Typical salary for newly qualified finance professionals in public sector and non-profit-organisation range between Rs. 35,000/-per month and Rs. 40,000/-per month. Salary will vary for experienced financial managers (10 year plus) in commerce and industry range between Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 90,000+ per month.

Some companies can offer less salaries but giving high bonuses or incentives. Salary varies accordingly to the type, sector, size and location of the industry. The highest salaries are paid in the Delhi/NCR and the surrounding areas as they are the hub of all the major businesses. Also, due to the number of private sectors based in Delhi is huge, therefore resulting in an increased pay as compared to other cities. Self-employment is possible and an option and sometimes finance professionals wok as consultants but that also after they have gained substantial experience within an organisation.
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