People Don't Fail, They Give Up!

People Don't Fail, They Give Up!

There is a big difference between failing and giving up. However, the line which separates both failure and giving up is foggy. Often we find it difficult to differentiate which is the cause and which is the result. People often get confused whether they fail that is why they give up or they give up that is why the fail.

We often see people more successful than us and lose confidence. It is difficult to achieve even the attainable goals due to the low confidence. This is why a large number of people are not able to achieve their goals. They stop their success journey mid-way and think why did they not achieve their goals?

Giving up is the reason!

1. Careless Goals: People often set goals they don't even care about or which are too ambitious to achieve during the given time. They always say that they want to achieve a particular thing but do not commit themselves to achieve it.

2. Very tight timelines: Even if the aim is set, it takes time to reach there. We often work with a mindset that this task should take this much time. Sometimes, the things do not go as per our calculations and if the goal is not achieved within our decided time frame, we give up mid-way. However, the fact of the matter is that if we had put in a little more time, we could have been there!

3. No Hard Work: Success or achievement is not an easy task. It takes a lots of efforts, time & commitment to put forward our true potential.

We might underestimate the difficulty level of a task in the beginning but it might actually require more resources & efforts to get embodied. If we are not willing to work hard than the set level, we are highly likely to give up mid-way and call it a failure while we have actually given up.

4. Distractions: Today, there are so many distractions that can distract people from their path. These distractions could be things like electronics gadgets, social media other people, etc. These distractions consume our time and energy & we give up mid-way. Can we call it a failure?

5. Not worth the result: Many a times, we realize midway that the efforts we are putting in are not worth the result and we give up. Can this be termed as failure?

People do fail!

1. Cheating on the way: Many a times we are really willing to put in the hard work and time to achieve our goals. However, we set unrealistic goals which make us fail.

Imagine, you want to lose weight and are willing to put in time and efforts to make it real, but if you do not control your diet and eat fatty food, will you be able to achieve the figure you wanted?

2. No time to research: Many a times we do not do our research properly before starting on a task. With incomplete information, things do look easy but when we enter into the water, we realize that the water is too deep. This is failing before starting and can’t be called giving up!

3. Starting over-excited: Every task we take up requires a proper research and execution plan. If we start over excited, we might start with a lot of energy and vigour but not anticipating things before beginning makes things look difficult and we give them up. This is a failure on our planning and execution part!

4. Not applying our knowledge: Many students really study hard but are not able to apply their knowledge while writing the paper. This could be because of nervousness, low confidence or whatever we may call it. However, this is a failure to use our knowledge at the place for which we worked hard.

5. Opponent might be stronger: We see in many team or individual sports that the player fails despite the effort from his end. He has worked hard, is willing to face the opponent but the opponent might be really more skilled and experience. In such a situation, you might not give up but actually fail!


Determination and optimism are the main strengths to make our goal a reality. If we want to succeed at a task, however small it may be, we need to ensure that we are committed. At the same time, we also need to see the reality and attainability of our goals. This reduces the chances of giving up midway and terming it as a failure!
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  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -NITISH KUMAR (04/15/16)
  • Hello friend, I think failure means experience,knowledge,how to making timemanagement,how to making consistency in work,loyality about work ,these all thing you learn ,means something learn from your past work,but we dont reach our potential in appropriate manner,and I think failure give you the chance to achieving your goal with tremendous,and substantial results in future.because after failure you have more idea,more knowledge,about your goal and you also know what strategies should I adopted ,what way of study should I adopted,how to manage our time,and how to improve our knowledge in week subject,what things I missed in past,my mean to say you have appropriate knowledge to achieve goal in future,because you realize your fault,and also realize your potential,then what you do ,you remove your fault,and boostup your potential.and I definitely commit we will succeed .people never failure in life.people all time gain something knowledge from his work may be it less or more it doesn't matter.its my request to all the person please you don't give up from your work,because when you give up means you leave from your work,your passion,your aim and result your gained knowledge reduced with time and you loss your probability of success.I want to clear the means of failure the failure means the person who don't use resources around it,who stop learning from his work,who stop to trying again.failure means not who don't geting job,achieving goal, people failure when he give up,ex-apj kalam want to become pilot in IAF but he didn't selected .but in future he thus to know n as missile man of india,he serve his life for our mother land,he madeslv-111,why it happen because he didn't giveup he try and try again and become succed in various field,president of india,as a scientist,as a proffesor,as a author.moral of article is people try and try again and don't deviate from his work,without your involvement you can't succed with your involvement you cant failure.thanku
  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -Ayushi Mudgal (04/14/16)
  • Yes.. because people perception has changed a lot. They want things at hand . No efforts nothing. Hardwork Nil. If that particular thing is done with full determination and dedication theres less chance that we give up. We keep on trying and trying just to get it somehow at any cost.
    But now a days success , hard work and commitment are just mere words. People are unable to understand the meaning of anything. They feel after one try that we can't do . Giving up is like sin. U r underestimating ur potential.. N are affected and compelled by outside world much more.
    At every point we learn something small big or unique.
    Give yourself time to think to change to learn to make endeavours.
  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -Diwakar Shashi (03/01/16)
  • It's the mentality of the people that any time any where if he/she get hearted they takes it as in a negative way and they loose the hope for the solution. But i take it in positive as by thinking my bad days are over now in future i am getting my good days.
    I say it that i get the punishment of my faults here by only.This taught makes me feel very propud.
    So always take every think in positive " Jo Hota H Wo Tumhare Ache Ke Liye Hi hota H".
  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -Ritesh kumar thakur (02/24/16)
  • failure n give up both r seriously different but also both r related to each other who,s people dont fail to know ownself wht i m ? and people take decision but they dont do effort seriously ......i thik whos people take decision in a right way they can succide ....and dont give up it...
    as take a example-OF SIKKANDER AND THOMAS ADDITION (AFTER 16 times of failure they dicided now i wanna give up but after got SEEN ANT then he understand it and again attaic in war and lastly he won ....
    so people dont fail they give always required dridh sankalp.....
  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -Amritdeep kaur (02/18/16)
  • failure is the word that makes us feel paralysed even before starting a job. very first point that brings us near to the failure is fear of failure. Thoughts drive our actions and once we start feeding our thoughts with negativity definiltly it leads to failure. now talking about failure and giving up aka what is cause and what is consequence then according to my point of view lack of consistency,setting unrealistic goals,lack of motivation, lack of moral support ,poor efforts and compassion without action results in feding up from undesirable results and thus leads to failure. real failure occurs when you give up. As we know practice makes a man perfect, if we train our mind to be patient and foccussed then definitely on encountering difficulties achieving our goals we may keep going on and can keep failure at a bay .
    p.s- concrete ,consistent ,well analysed actions will never invite failures .
  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -Anugya (02/17/16)
  • Failing n giving up is seriously a different things bt still they goes together. When you give up u definitely fail bt when u try n then fail which leads to certain advantages like learning .. Whether u fail or u win u definently learn. Now a day due to this fast moving life style people's patience is seriously going down .. They want the result right now . And this is leading to giving up .
  • RE: People Don't Fail, They Give Up! -Anchal (02/15/16)
  • In simple words failure is when you give up, otherwise failure is nothing but an experience from which you learn what not to do in the next go and what to add in your efforts. generally, people who consider themselves a failure are:
    1) do not try out other options.
    2) are not consistent in their efforts.
    3)do no learn from experiences.