Personal skills required for entering in Biochemistry field

Q3. What are the personal skills that I should be equipped with before entering Biochemistry field?

There are some set of skills that you have to work upon to be successful in this field. You must be creative, imaginative and hardworking as this is a very challenging field and it will test your knowledge. You should have good communication skills both oral and written as it requires you to interact with other scientists. As a biochemist, you must be co-operative. You must be able and enthusiastic to work as part of a team. Problem-solving, research and analytical skills, curiosity are important traits for an aspiring biochemist. You should also have organisational and computational skills as they are really important in the field of biochemistry. As biochemists work in a field that requires precision, you need to be careful and patient while working and should know how to use the scientific methods and equipment to good effect. In short and simple words you must be inquisitive as well as persistent.
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