Phrases to Agree, Disagree, Interrupt in a GD

Phrases to Agree, Disagree, Interrupt in a GD

Phrases to Agree, Disagree, Interrupt in a GD

Agreeing or Disagreeing with someone or Interrupting another speaker can be the trickiest things to do during a Group Discussion. The reason is while you want to put your point of view across, you do not want to offend the other speaker and the group members.

Hi, I’m Kshipra Singh and in this video, I’m going to discuss some phrases that you can use to deal with these situations,in the most professional manner. And they do resonate with the selectors too.Stay tuned till the end to find them all.

Ok. So, now, before we get to the phrases, it is very important to understand that it is not just the words you speak that matter. Your body language and the tone of your voice also make a lot of difference. Because, what you are doing is you are sending out some signals to the subconscious mind of other people which have a tremendous impact on the whole thing. So,whenever you are in a conversation whether a GD or just any other conversation, it is very important to take care of these things.

Here are some basic etiquette that’ll help you achieve this:

i.) Wait for the right moment: If you really need to speak in between, wait for the right moment where the other person stops to take that short pause. You can also express that you want to come in with your facial expressions or just raise your hand if you want to add something.

ii.) Be prepared: Make sure that you have got your thoughts together before you start speaking and don’t try to hijack the whole discussion. Remember, someone else was speaking.

iii.) And, yes don’t forget to say thank you after you have finished. Wearing a smile on your face doesn’t cost you anything but it definitely helps you go a long way.

Does that makes sense? Great! Let’s start with some phrases that you can use to convey your agreement with someone else’s views:

Agree (Show where to lay the stress and give examples)

I have divided the top part of this screen into two halves. While the left half show the basic phrases, the right half shows a little advanced phrases. The lower section has two example sentences that you can combine with these phrases. Let’s see how to speak them:


i.) You’re right.
ii.) I agree.
iii.) Definitely!
iv.) Absolutely!
v.) Exactly!


i.) I think so too.
ii.) Spot on!
iii.) That’s a good point/ Yes, I agree with the point you are making
iv.) I see where you are getting at/ I see where you come from
v.) I couldn’t have agreed more
vi.) You hit the nail on the head

Example Sentences

- Government must give more subsidies to poor.
- We pay our taxes on time. Government must pay attention to the infrastructure of the country.

Now, to be able to use these phrases comfortably, take them down somewhere and practice. And mind you, pay attention to the tone, I spoke them in.


Ok. Now, while agreement is easy to express, it is trickier to register your disagreement. Because, you are actually challenging someone’s point of view. And, you want to register your disagreement without being rude or mean to them. So, let’s see some phrases and how to speak them if you disagree.

i.) Yes, but…
ii.) I don’t really agree with that idea because/ as …
iii.) I see things rather differently
iv.) That’s a good point but….
v.) I see what you are getting at…but….
vi.) I’m afraid I seem to have a little different opinion on this…
vii.) That’s one way of looking at things however
viii.) As far as I’m concerned….

Example Sentences:

i.) Government already offers a lot of subsidies to poor. What it needs is a proper implementation of the programmes.
ii.) I believe that government does pay sufficient attention to the infrastructure. It is us who don’t behave as responsible citizens.


Ok, now that agreement and disagreement are out of the way. Let’s see how to interrupt politely when someone is speaking. While it is OK to interrupt when necessary, it is very important to ask yourself, why do you want to interrupt?

I.) Do you really have something valuable to add?
II.) Is there a valid reason?
III.) or you want to interrupt just for the sake of doing it.

And, if you want to interrupt just for the sake of doing it, better don’t do it.

But, if you if you’re convinced that you have a valid reason,here are some phrases that’ll come quite useful to you:

i.) I’m sorry to interrupt but I’d like to make a point here…
ii.) Would you mind if I come in for a moment?
iii.) May I quickly add something here?
iv.) Before we go ahead, I’d just like to quickly add that….
v.) Well, it reminds me of…then go on with the situation

I hope, you find these phrases useful in dealing with your Group Discussion.

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  • RE: Phrases to Agree, Disagree, Interrupt in a GD -Group Discussion (12/17/18)
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  • In a discussion, one has to snatch his/her chance to put views across. You have to attempt to get in the discussion. But the manner in which you enters into the discussion is important. It's been articulated well in this article in the most simple way.