Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!

Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools!

"Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it." - Plato. Physical Education (PE or PT) is seen in almost all schools. It’s been there from before our times. For many children it is just a period of sports and fun, but in many schools there is a strict curriculum consisting of various exercises, sports and things useful for betterment of health. It is often considered as one of the most essential part of education. But should it really be mandatory to be a part of PE? Doesn't it have any disadvantages? Shouldn't children and their parents be allowed to decide whether they want PE for their child or not? What has made it a mandatory course almost throughout the nation?

Yes, it should be mandatory –

1. Students mostly try to avoid exercise and a compulsory period of PE can make them do the basic exercises atleast. This is for their own benefit.

2. Regular physical exercises are associated with a healthier, longer life and with a lower risk of serious illnesses and diseases.

3. Studies have shown that physical education leads to improvements in students’ academic performance and cognitive abilities too. Thus mental health too is guaranteed with PE.

4. PE helps build stamina and strength so as to pursue the goals a student has decided. Even if a person is genius, a weak constitution will only drag him down and not let him achieve goals in a timely manner.

5. Childhood obesity is another rising problem. To counter it regular exercise is necessary. PE offers this opportunity.

6. Good exercise habits result in healthier lifestyles which is extremely useful in the future. PE inculcates these good habits.

7. With the current trend of overuse of technology, people are avoiding physical activity. Students no longer play outdoors. Most of them prefer watching TV or playing video-games. PE can offer the required physical activity.

8. "If it weren't for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn't get any exercise at all." - Joey Adams.

No, it should not be compulsory –

1. Many countries have kept it optional after a certain age or standard in school. The children there are healthy. We can follow that suit.

2. Physical education courses include fitness training, sports and games that could potentially result in physical injury.

3. Students who don't have much athletic ability may not have the skills necessary to compete or even defend themselves against better or more competitive athletes. This can seriously lead to inferiority complex.

4. Bullying is another phenomenon which is seen during PE. Strong students get a chance to pick on the weak during PE.

5. For students who have only academic interests, PE is just waste of time and energy. Sometimes these students become the target of the bullies.

6. Many a times our PE curriculum is not suitable for physically disabled. But they still have to attend the class. So they either try in vain to do the exercises or remain alone on the sidelines. Again remaining on the sidelines can hurt their self-confidence. If given an option they can devote their time into something else.

7. Mandatory PE classes limit a student's freedom to choose where she wants to invest his/her time.

8. Some people really are not into exercise. A basic amount of fitness is known to all. But many do not want to get involved in an hour long PE period.

9. "I am pushing sixty. That is enough exercise for me "- Mark Twain.

Surely there are pros and cons for mandatory PE, but looking at the current health conditions of people and trends which students are following, benefits of PE will always outweigh the cons. Mandatory PE is like bitter medicine. It’s bitter but necessary. We can surely make provisions to address concerns of the physically disabled. Also we can divide PE into two forms - Basic and Advanced PE, with basic PE consisting of basic exercises which would be mandatory for all. They would not strain a student and would also consume less time. The advanced PE which will consist of outdoor sports and more strenuous physical activities will be optional.
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  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Zack (12/14/18)
  • I can understand some of the views on here the are against PE. But I would like to correct some thoughts on here.

    1. Why does the government care about our bodies? Our parents and us should be in charge.
    RESPONSE: Why should the government then care about any part of your Body… including your mind? Why should they care about your math abilities? Or writing? They should care because you’re too young to decide what is and is not important. Your health is extremely important and being active is not only important for your body but for your mind as well. Learning all day is not healthy, you need active breaks during the day to keep ur mind active and ready to learn


    Well recess is great, but physical education teaches everyone basic movement skills, cooperation, the love of life long sports that can be played after school into adult hood for a healthy lifestyle.

    It is only for students who are good at sports.

    SADLY some PE teachers do not know how to handle running a PE class. Just because its run in an improper way doesn’t mean we should get rid of it. Teachers should be running the class in ways that all students feel involved, able to compete and have fun. Sadly this doesn’t always happen. If a math class made people who where not good at math feel stupid, we wouldn’t stop teaching math… we would change how we teach it so all are learning.

    P.E has nom place in school… its doesn’t help us learn.

    THIS IS WRONG.. as I said before being active helps us learn. More and more research is showing us that being active, and classes like PE help increase test scores, learning performance, and various other aspects of education. We are even starting to see PE teachers use P.E to help reinforce other subjects.

    P.E needs to change in a lot of schools, but it also needs to be a part of our schools.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Jasper (12/10/18)
  • Since when did the government start caring if we can run fast or not? They should not being worried about our bodies. Our parents should decide with a student to do PE or not. Many people would argue to me saying that PE is good because it mokes a student stronger, faster, ect. But for kids who are not good at PE, they can get picked on. Also, I think that instead of being forced to run a mile under 8 minutes every monday (this might be different for you) i think that students should be able to have fun and have a choice on what they play if PE was kept mandatory.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Physical Education (05/28/18)
  • Physical education is important and should be mandatory in school. There are many diseases like diabetes, hypertension, Cancer etc. are growing epidemic with a devastating physical, emotional and financial toll on our country. The rampant spread of these diseases in the urban and poor family is big cause of concern and preventive measures are direly required. Educating people about these diseases and their causes, symptoms and prevention will help to check their rampant growth. Nothing is better than making physical education a mandatory subject at the time of formative education. This is time when mind is receptive, the importance of health should be taught at this time. Schools and colleges should have adequate facilities for sports, this will go a long way in inculcating the habit of being healthy. Most of the diseases are flourishing owing to unhealthy eating habits. Shouldn't that be taught at school?
  • RE: Physical Education should be mandatory in schools! -Emma Bickell (05/09/18)
  • I think Physical Education should be mandatory in schools! Physical Education has a positive effect on students because when you get your body moving and exercise you can lose weight, build muscle, and get stronger, better, and faster.
  • RE: Physical Education should be mandatory in schools! -Emma Bickell (05/09/18)
  • I think Physical Education should be mandatory in schools! Physical Education has a positive effect on students because when you get your body moving and exercise you can lose weight, build muscle, and get stronger, better, and faster.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -User #87656789 (04/24/18)
  • Does anyone know which countries have optional PE classes? I need that information for an essay.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Group Discussion (03/14/18)
  • Physical Education should be mandatory for all theoretically. Today's students will be torchbearer of future development and betterment of mankind. Healthy mind sustains in the healthy body. They should know all dynamics to keep their body healthy. As far as compulsion of outdoor physical activities are concern, those can be optional. Meritocracy shouldn't be decided on the basis of score of outdoor sports.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Jagadeesh (03/03/18)
  • School is not only about academics .One must need physical education to develop fitness in order make themselves competent for all kind of challenges which they have to face in their future . Doing yoga on daily basis enables a student to develop utmost concentration by which students can excel in their academics . Students must show interest not only to academics but also to physical education. Now a days many of the schools are not putting enough efforts to provide physical education to students as they just want ranks and marks which they can use as a marketing strategy in getting more admissions.Parents also should think once before admitting their child into schools . Finally i would conclude by saying that everything is important , we should balance our life
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -mamta (05/03/17)
  • According to my point of view PE is very good subject in which you can improve you personality and it is very enjoyable class as we know exercise and yoga is very useful for people so because student are busy with study full time in school so just for a break or enjoyment we can take PE class that will be good always.but not to force other who are not able to do excercise sometime because of health condition .
    I want to add one more point if we are physically fit then we can give our 100% and get good result on time.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Lucy (04/21/17)
  • Some kids think P.E. is way to competitive. I personally think that, cause i am a student too. Kids just take things WAY TO SERIOUSLY!!
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Sujata Pradhan (09/27/16)
  • Keeping aside it is mandatory or not we must think about its influence in day to day life of a student.physical education must be needed to maintain fitness to make them eligible for all events coming under sports.It has also a great impact on day to day life .It won't lead a student down physically..but apart from this it has also bad effects..the child who is down physical will go in stress if this will b mandatory.he can't keep ready himself and adjust with all happenings and it will make him down morally
    Conclusions every situation has both good and bad depends upon us how to improve ourselves for both the adverse and supportive situations
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -maria (09/26/16)
  • PE also takes up the time you could be getting help in an extra class or you could even take another class, PE interrupts your academic time which is what school really is about
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -nahida (11/09/15)
  • The importance of being fit is undeniable. And even more, in this arena crowded with appliances. Proper physical exercises give us vitality and efficiency. The sluggy lifestyle and heavy diet of today's school children only encourage to build up the toxins of body.
    The at least simple jogging produce the 'reward pathway chemical' in human brain. That means the physical exercises keeps us stress free. A research shows that children with physical activities showed-
    Mental alertness, vital capacity, stress free, good interaction, good academic performance.
    -overall, it refreshes the IQ of a child.
    A physical exercise develops the quality of-
    Leadership, liveliness, endurance of physical exerts, social behaviour, being practical.
    There may also happen other problems like-
    Physical injuries, wastage of time (i.e. a paradox), calamity for uninterested ones etc. I agree with miss deepa, that it should not be enrolled like a curriculum and performed as leisure activity.
    In short, the physical exercises play pivotal role in making a student active learner, and it's benefits overlap it's drawbacks.
  • RE: Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools! -Deepa Kaushik (11/09/15)
  • Physical education is different from the games period or the PT exercising period alloted in the schools. Physical education deals with the health benefits by exercising, sporty activities etc and maintaining body fitness by means of diet as well. Physical education explains the details of every game which provides information regarding the minute details of the various sports.

    Students in the school might be crazy for the leisure time in the form of sports period. They might also tolerate the PT or the exercising time in the morning slot to some extent, but we cannot expect every student to be fond of physical education as a subject of study. A student inclined towards a particular sport would be interrested to know and gain knowledge regarding that particular game and not all the sports.

    The majority points are in favour of promoting sports activities and exercises in the schools, as the present generation is more inclined towards sedentary lifestyle, completely lacking physical activity which leads to various diseases starting from a relatively young age group. But we hardly spoke of physical education as a subject which is being under discussion. Physical education is definitely a very good subject to know, understand and follow to some basic extent in life. Still we cannot expect students to have an enthusiasm for the same.

    We have many subjects that children just study without understanding the importance. If we make physical education mandatory, it will be one among the herd of rudimentary topics of study that students would definitely study and pass the exams but would hardly retain its benefits. It would be better to impart basic physical education as a leisure activity in the primary classes and then left on the students to opt the same as subject voluntarily in their higher classes. This could give the children the basic essence of physical education without the pressure of exams and they would imbibe things in a light mood.