Physician assistant CV sample - CV formats / templates

An effective CV of a physician assistant should highlight following qualities:

1. Passionate
2. Compassion
3. Soothing
4. Confident
5. Good listening skills
6. Attentiveness
7. Politeness
8. Clarity of thoughts
9. Sharpness
10. Excellent concentration
11. Strong interpretation

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  • Physician assistant CV sample

    Jenis w.x.
    Ph No: 1234567890

    Professional with good knowledge of various drugs; an ability to zero down on the problem and solve it; seeking a position as assistant physician.


    -Strong clinical background.
    -Excellent knowledge of drugs, its usage, instructions.
    -Able to maintain safety and hygiene environment.
    -Have good knowledge of back end support like, administration procedures.
    -Ability to stay calm during emergency.
    -Able to train, supervise, schedule shifts to the staffs.
    -Ability to handle patients, motivate them and make them feel comfortable.
    -Critical thinking skills.
    -Active listening and speaking skills.

    Professional Experience

    Working as Physician assistance in XYZ Hospital Since 09Aug20XX-till date


    - Understand and examine patient’s condition.
    - Perform the daily routine as per instruction.
    - Keeping track of patient’s condition and recommend treatment accordingly.
    -Assisting the patients for scan, x-ray, tests etc.
    -Responsible of documentation of the patients’ records.
    -Assist doctors in OT, medication etc.
    -Understand medical history and conduct examination accordingly.
    -Schedule appointments for patients as per doctor availability.
    -Completing individual daily rounds.
    -Cleaning and sanitizing assigned area.
    -Attending outpatient and evaluating their condition.
    -Advising patients regarding food intake.
    -Inform the doctors regarding any findings before starting up the treatment.
    -If main physician is not able to attend the patient, then do the necessary work.
    -Manage, practice and coordinate with patients, doctors, nurses etc..

    Personal Traits

    -Ability to work in hectic schedule.
    -Responsible and analytical thinking
    -Attention to detail.
    -Very active and have good stamina
    -Able to remain calm in emergencies.
    -Caring, committed, alert, focused.


    -Rewarded for attending patients regularly and updating the status.
    -Appreciated for making patients feel comfortable and homely.


    -Certified in PAC test by WER university.
    -Bsc from XYZ College in 19XX.

    Computer skills

    -Basics (MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint, MS-Excel) Internet Concepts, Ms-Access.

    Personal Details

    Date of birth: 26th Feb 19XX
    Languages known: English, Kanada, Hindi, Tamil.
    Address: Wax road, oxford cross, B’lore.