Playing safe is more risky!

Playing safe is more risky!

Playing safe is more risky!

Not taking risk is a bigger risk. Feeling comfortable with status quo, holding back from challenges and not pursing a bigger goal are the sheer reasons for downfall. In this brisk-paced world, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risk. Cost of inaction is higher than what we can imagine, leaving many potential people to live the way they would never have chosen.

There are no permanent jobs, you can be ousted from your seat at any moment, not risking to be on the edge is a risky business.

What stops us from taking risks?

It's the fear of failure that scares people away from taking risk, sabotaging their chances of success. They over-estimate the chances of getting something wrong. They think more on what they might lose than what they can achieve, under estimating gravely their capabilities to handle consequences of risk. Bigger challenges make our palms sweat, limiting us to take on our vulnerabilities, while not an ideal mindset, but seems easy, comfortable and less scary to be on no-risk route.

History establishes that we fail far more from timidity than we do from daring. Future favors the brave, dare to take new goal. Failure is a part of every success story and should be seen as a method for success.

Our culture also defines our ways, there are places where people play safe and believe in steady growth, getting inspired by such mindsets will fetch you nothing but regret. Instead, take energy from those who have shined despite odd of not being in the company where people have intense longing for growth.

How to propel taking risky shots?

Stop thinking of outcome and don't let your eyes off your goal. It's Ok to fail! We learn from failure and gain experience helping us achieve bigger.

In sports, there is always a pressure to be on the top of the curve. Taking mind off the outcome makes players tough. They count on their preparation and don’t focus on negative scenario before taking the battle ground.

Failure is a part of successful journey, whenever you encounter it, learn from it and prepare yourself to strike harder next time.

Taking risk is the least risky job, it increases your testosterone level and boosts your confidence, thus setting yourself up for bigger challenges.

To explore all possibilities, to see best part of you and to give wings to your journey, you must not deter to take educated calculated risk.

- Nishant Kumar
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  • RE: Playing safe is more risky! -Playing safe is more risky (07/03/18)
  • Risking to plunge into a new territory is what we call enterprising. An entrepreneur can't succeed walking on the same terrain again and again. In the quest to pace up success graph, one has to find comfort in the uncomfortable situation. Walking on the same path can ensure you some solace but not mega success. Calculated risk is safe and secure, it bring challenges for sure but pave the way for glory. Disgrace and distress are the part of life, infact they are recipe for satiating life.
  • RE: Playing safe is more risky! -Playing safe is more risky (06/19/18)
  • Every risky adventure makes you more confident, leading you to take up bigger challenges. Your ability to soak pressure improves tremendously help you to build great world around you.
  • RE: Playing safe is more risky! -Playing safe is more risky (05/12/18)
  • In the brisk paced life, playing safe is a big risk and can be equated with no play. And no result can be expected. If you want to swim, dare to step into the water. Life is full of risk. Sitting at home and doing nothing also has risk. For example, ceiling can fall on you, fan can crash on your head etc. you can suffer for many reasons even when you opt for a safe life. Taking risk can get you results, you get used to of all facade of life. Facing ups and downs, feeling adrenaline rush, dealing with anxious moments make you immune to stress. You take hard decisions and never shrug to do hard work.
  • RE: Playing safe is more risky! (04/08/18)
  • Life evolves when we take calculated and responsible risk. If we don't make our life happen, life happens on its own. We can't cross a sea without risking to take head on giant waves. Big things need big heart, chicken hearts lead a mediocre life. Taking chances teach you many new things and you see yourself at the top of learning curve. Playing a risky shot means you are up failures. Consistent failures ultimately brings big success.