PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub - dream or a practical possibility?

PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility?


In the Independence day speech from Red Fort PM Narendra Modi gave delivered a new approach for Indians to cease exporting the raw materials and importing the manufactured products. He gave a new vision of converting India into a ‘Manufacturing Hub’. He boosted up our good spirit to come forward and show our excellence and team spirit and earn the credit for self and gain the fame for the nation. This approach means a lot for the economy of the country in addition to the development of the industrial sector in the country. His initiative towards starting up the manufacturing of products with the raw materials that we are exporting for a long time is worth giving a bold thought. Yet, these things are far more complicated than just building a dream vision. Is PM’s vision of making India a Manufacturing Hub a dream or is that a practical possibility that could be accomplished with our best efforts?


- Indians are used to the lifestyle of earning their living by exporting raw materials and importing manufactured goods. It is difficult to change their mind-set.

- It is not very practical to set up these many manufacturing units for all the raw materials that we export. Setting up the units demands infrastructure.

- We need good amount of funds for the machineries and other requirements for establishing the industries and start up with the manufacturing process.

- We need to train the employees and staff for the organizations / manufacturing industrial set-up who can work and deliver the products on International Standards.

- We are already fighting our best to gear up the prevailing industries in order to nurture them with global level technology and deliver the end products on International Standards. It would be a much far off dream to start on with lot many manufacturing units.

Practical Possibility

- India is very rich in manpower which is the topmost requirement to start with new industrial set-up for the manufacturing process.

- Indians are hardworking. We have talents and efficiency to deliver the best output with minimal input. It is one of the reasons that Indians are hired universally for the employment. If we can work for some other nation, then why can’t we join hands together to uplift our own dooming economy?

- Our brain power is very famous throughout the world. We have new ideas and layout plans for all types of tasks and also have the efficiency to implement the same in the practical way.

- If we can curb corruption, then we would end up saving plenty funds to accommodate and initiate many new employment opportunities.

- All we need is to boost up the ‘Young India’ to have faith and confidence in their outlook and approach, who are our future stepping stones.

- The only reason that we have not been able to excel in this field is because we have never tried seriously. If we decide to start manufacturing, we can for sure do it.


We have arguments both in favour and against the setting up of new industries. With the corruption level in our country at present, the task of turning ourselves into the ‘Mnufacturing Hub’ is undoubtedly a heavy and difficult. But there is a very nice proverb that we have learnt since childhood - "Where There is Will, There is Way". If we can join hands to give ourselves this new outlook, then we can not only check the corruption, but also make the PM’s vision come true. Making India a manufacturing Hub could be the vision of Mr. Modi, but it will be a pride for every Indian.
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  • Thanks ?? very good point
  • RE: PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility? -Jay Prakash Kumar (11/04/16)
  • As we know that india is a country which is trying to do best in world and india have large man power but the indian who got knowledge by which they can improve their development and country development want to earn money more and more went to foreign so lastly my matter is PM's vision to make india manufacturing hub is dream but if indian want it coulde be success and it could be a real thing and we can make it practically possible.
    If government stop to export the raw material and Encourage the civilians who is able to convert raw material into product then it could made into practical.
    To give more afford indian gov. launch a system calles 'Making India' by which many types of process will be done. Of course this vision can be converted in practical but the some time period is required.
  • RE: PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility? -Bhagatsingh (08/27/15)
  • As we all know India is a developing country. It is need of time to crate employment in bulk in India. we need to think about brain drain. Our most talented young persons are leaving the country to get a good job. Working for others.
    "Rome was not built in a day" we should help our nation as much as we can. It will come true. One day India will be the manufacturing hub.
  • RE: PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility? -Mukul Negi (08/26/15)
  • India is currently having 65% of its population under the age of 35 and the current population being 1.21 billion,we can easily say that India has a very big
    manpower to undergo any type of manufacturing within the country.
    India is known for exporting raw material and importing manufactured item so with the Modi's move of make in india we can utilise our skilled manpower to make
    our india a manufacturing hub
    We indians are universally employed everywhere indian brainpower is appreciated AND by retaining these brains in india it will help a lot in MII.
    But indulgence of indians in corruption is the biggest hindrance for the ongoing make in india project but as an old proverb says that where there is a
    will there is a way so if we all can join hands to give a new outlook surely we will succeed in transforming india into manufacturing hub.
    With the continous cuts in rates by rbi I hope every manufacturer will be able to set up its own plant and manufacture the product indigeneously.

  • RE: PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility? -Deepa Kaushik (08/18/15)
  • We should understand a phrase "Nothing is impossible". If we want to achieve and work whole-heartedly in that direction, we can definitely achieve our aim and make it a reality. Dream is again a positive energy, our sub-consious thoughts and emotions that gets reflected when we our volutary senses are at rest. Evenif we consider PM's vision to be a dream, that is something withgin our sub-conscious ideas, and we can work hard to achieve the same.

    Making India a manufacturing hub is good to foresee. It requires many amendments starting from the basic requirement of life. This would change the standard of living of the common man and would affect them from their employment, wages, food, clothing, shelter etc. When we attempt to change any set culture right from the groundd level, it would dip dopwm in its vitality initially for sopme time before emerging as a super power.

    If we attempt to make India a manufacturing hub from our existing potential as an exporter of raw materials and importers of manufactured goods; we should be prepared to face the dip in the economy or few months or year or so before stabilising our stand as manufacturers.

    A manufacturing hub is PM's dream. He consideres it to be his vision, that is the reason he is so confident of making transformations into our country. But he cannot achieve this alone. He requires the people support to turn this to reality. This is possible onlyif every single citizen of our country could perceive PM's dream to be their own vision and strive hard to achjieve this. A determinate mind is all that is required whih could bear all the adversities and face every hurdle in theirt path of success in converting India to a manufacturing hub.`
  • RE: PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility? -priyanka (08/16/15)
  • hi friends
    goverment schools is very more infrastructure required .their faculties very good teaching and smoothly handled in anything .but pvt schools are fully memory
    system teaching
  • RE: PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub – dream or a practical possibility? -Teena Bhatia (08/19/14)
  • Words remain words until and unless they are converted into actions. It is the same case with the PM Narendra Modi’s vision of 'Make in India'. It is a good thought to make India a manufacturing but again the problem is work is needed to convert the thoughts into actions. Merely speaking or dreaming doesn’t help.

    India’s manufacturing sector is in a bad shape. It has got number of drawbacks. At the present moment, it is necessary to focus on the ground realities. The global market is highly competitive and presently India is not able to present a stable industrial production data. It has to first work out to make the current conditions of the industry better and then should look out for making it a huge manufacturing hub.

    It is a normal trend of every new government to make up promises. But promises are not enough for the industry. They need finances and the fact is cost of capital is quite high in India. There is no clarity on the matter of land acquisition. The exports of many companies are continuously seeing a decline from last some time. They don’t have the purchasing power to acquire the advanced technologies.

    As of now, there is a little hope that PM’s vision to make India a Manufacturing Hub can turn into a reality. If it wants to, then the government has to come up with certain innovative measures. In China, the government buys the technologies on behalf of industrialists and they pay for it in small installments over a period of some years. India’s new government should figure out measures and implement them to convert the dream into practical reality.