Politics without ethics is a disaster

Politics without ethics is a disaster

Political leaders’ actions and deeds have a great impact on the minds of the people. In a democratic and developing country like India a leader involved in any misfeasance should be ignored by the people and the party would meet its Waterloo as the Congress had to face in the general elections. But in present arena the main question is what if all the parties are alike and follow same way and practices? What impact it will have on our country. Don’t you think politics without ethics is a disaster?


• Corruption is at high level where things are just on papers and citizens entitlements do not reach the common people.

• Leaders with criminal background are ruling the country leading to the problems of destitution, poor infrastructure and poor health.

• The main victims are the poor people who are living a miserable life and all credit goes to the dirty politics.

• Political leaders support reservation system to fill their vote bank that is completely disastrous for Indian democracy.

• Politics without ethics is enhancing communalism and destroying the very existence of democracy.

• Corruption is hurting economy and is leading to misuse of funds like in cases 2G scam, Coalgate etc in UPA regime, and Kargil Coffin scam during the BJP government.


• If there is no horse trading in politics then in no way people who deserve to look after the country will get a chance to do so.

• The fight for power is strong, and sometimes there is no other option than to use some tactics for getting hegemony over the opponents.

• In the growth paths, especially in industrialization process, there are parties who will create blockheads that cannot be eliminated by simple ways.

• It is the basic principle of world, if there is good there is bad, if there is positive there is negative, and so sometimes it is the unethical practices that forces the good parties to bring a much needed change,

• If unethical practices cause disasters then they are only the way through which people come to know the difference between the right and wrong people.

• Ethical choices changes with the social frames where the rule fittest will survive works. It is the same way in politics.


As and when the word politics comes, the word ethics disappears. In politics, all the leaders and parties are craving for power and want it by any means whether it is legal or illegal. It is causing a lot more harm to the country and especially the poor people. Sometimes it is necessary to use the tactics to face the unethical ways of opponents but it can never justify the use of unethical means in politics. Play it fair and take the actions for the welfare of the common people. After all it is the very basis purpose of politics and the parties.
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  • RE: Politics without ethics is a disaster -suhani (06/29/14)
  • just a very faint hint of the very fact that lives and livelihoods of a large number of people is in your hands and you can blow up their lives or miniscule their lives in a wanton way is more than enough to make a person go haywire and possibly morph his personality to that of a tainted politician. this politician is so much overwhelmed by benefits of his stature in society that he can sustain so many blots on his integrity. so a normal human being would resist to the temptations.so it is obvious how gravely we need some ethics in politics of our country!
  • RE: Politics without ethics is a disaster -alka sharma (06/28/14)
  • as we know ,we are living in this democratic and developing country in which we can say,without ethics,politics are just impossible.here,political leaders give speech towards the welfare of the country and form some sort of policies and rules for improving condition.
    but they are not succeed ..because of this no ethics.it becomes a condition of disastrous and harm the country.today's leaders don't understand the situation of our India.they just want their and their families future secure.that's why at present, India become a back word country among all ones.
    in others country,ethics is a major point where the leaders always do any work with the policies towards the welfare of the people..their government system is called fully democratic,disciplined ,full of ethics and the successful .
  • RE: Politics without ethics is a disaster -Monali khobragade (06/27/14)
  • It has been seen from the past 4 decades that INDIA ,the land of diversity , is been ruled by mean people. Our constitution was designed is such a way so that a fine balance should be maintained between different groups and religions of India. but because of no ethics in Indian politics, India is losing everything. These mean people can go to any depths and any heights. In fact they can create controversies between any two groups. All these only for the sake of their politics, their rule. Politics must have some ethics which should include good as well as bad motto. Good for good and bad for the bad that is tit for tat situation.
  • RE: Politics without ethics is a disaster -Deepa Kaushik (06/24/14)
  • Anything without ethics is disastrous, so is the politics. The ethics in politics have become epics in India. Falsity and forgery are playing a crucial role in the world of politics without any space or leniency for the honesty. ‘Honesty’ has become an old dictionary term, just seen on paper.

    With all sorts of negativity into action, corruption has got a nice spark to burn the politics. Politicians overshadow their greed for money and power under various explanations of requirement and survival of fittest in politics, however, it is an utter truth that no one is interested in following the ethics in politics.

    With a wide scope for negative games and enacting performances on real life by politicians, nothing is trustworthy in Indian politics today. Ethics has become a matter beyond recognition, especially in political system. There is no surprise to face disasters with such a kind of political system in a nation.