Ramco Campus Placement Process

Ramco Campus Placement Process

Ramco system is a software company and is a part of the US based Ramco Group of Companies. The focus of Ramco system is on consulting, products, and managed service businesses. They started their manoeuvre in the Research and Development division in the year 1992. Ramco system has it’s headquarter located in Chennai along with 16 offices spread over India, Asia Pacific Countries, U.S, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa. The company provides its solutions to sectors like, banking, manufacturing, supply chain, aviation, insurance, retail, governance, transportation and logistics, healthcare, etc.

It has been noticed that Ramco does not conduct any written test or a group discussion round. They directly conduct a final interview round and the selection takes place based on the evaluation of the final interview round. Initially the company used to conduct written tests as well which was a combination of aptitude section and technical section, but now off lately they seem to have stopped conducting the written test and directly aim at the final round of interview. The interview round is held for 30 minutes. The questions in the interview are based on personal questions, aptitude as well as technical questions on ERP & BPR along with some questions based on the job profile that you have applied for.

Some of the questions observed in the interview are:

• State the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR data types.

• Why did you choose to appear for an interview in this company?

• Describe the main difference between client side and server side Java Script.

• How will you select nth record from a table?

• What is Memorandum Voucher (for accounts profile)?

To clear the interview round in Ramco, you need to be thorough with topics like ERP and BPR as quite a lot of questions are based on these two topics. Be dressed in formal while attending the interview and be confident while answering the questions. If you lack enthusiasm and show disinterest in the company, it will act completely against you and you will not be able to clear the round. If you keep all these points in mind, you will be easily sail through the interview.
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