Reaching For the Radio Star: Nokia Acquires Mesaplexx

Reaching For the Radio Star: Nokia Acquires Mesaplexx

Nokia has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Australian firm Mesaplexx Pty Lts to boost its radio capabilities in the networks industry. Nokia is working on improving its radio systems and making them more compact and lightweight. The investment is strategic in nature. Nokia will now acquire the capacity to offer better mobile broadband services for its customers in the telecom sector.

Mesaplexx is a specialist in the field of advanced radio frequency filters. This is a technology which is used in base stations. The radio frequency filters are vital for reducing transmit and receiving noise at the base stations. This is critical for the sharing of spectrum within the same area. The same antenna can give as well as get signals. Mesaplexx will boost radio performance and lead to higher capacities as well as more efficient networks.

This technology will cut down on the overall cost and power consumption, according to an official statement by Nokia. They are keen to keep their radio losses at minimal levels through this acquisition.

Nokia Exxecutive VP Marc Rouanne has also shared with the media how there has been a lost of progress in recent years in the field of radio technologies an filters are a particular area where modern innovations can provide massive improvements in performance. The financial details of the acquisition have not been shared by the 2 companies.

Mesaplexx is known for its efficiency and skill in developing high performance radio frequency filter technologies for the mobile industry. Nokia Flexi's set of radio access base stations are perfect for providing cutting edge solutions to promote energy efficiency and balance it with power output and form factor, according to the official statement. As per this statement, adding advanced Mesaplexx technology may reduce small cells form factor by 30% or more.

Finnish telecom company Nokia's acquisition of the Aussie firm is definitely going to skyrocket its radio capabilities. Mesaplexx is known for its high performance RF filter technologies across the mobile industry. Collaborations in the field of technologies are now focusing on energy efficiency as much as they are oriented towards boosting profits.

This is a good sign because energy efficiency influences cost as well as environment in many ways. Firms that use energy efficiently can hope to make progress in ways that are positive. Cutting down costs through precision in the use of energy is going to have positive results for preserving the environment. The conservation of natural resources is another positive achievement of energy efficiency.

With advancement in technologies, one can only hope that resource efficiency and energy efficiency become new metrics by which corporate success is measured. Saving money as well as the environment takes precedence over just profits alone.
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